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Asymmetric Collection – George+Ginger

Wow…It’s been a while!
Life got overwhelming and I took a break from sewing and online presence for a couple of months.
It’s been restorative and unsettling at the same time. Nice to have a break but I really missed sewing and all the community that comes along with it (that means you 😉 ).

Now I’m ready to get back full force and can’t imagine a better way to start blogging again than to tell you about GG’s new collection!

Three fun asymmetrical tops that are sure to add some zest to your wardrobe.

Before I talk about each of them, here’s a spoiler: I love them all!

01 – Crossover

“The Crossover Top is such a unique style!  This asymmetric design includes long, 3/4, short and sleeveless options!  Choose from regular top and crop top versions.  This stunning design is a must-have for any trendy sewist’s collection!”

I was so excited when Kristi announced this test.
I’ve had something similar pinned since forever and couldn’t wait to make one. I have a thing for dramatic sleeves and asymmetric designs, so this one checks all the boxes.

I opted to make the short sleeves for this first one, but I’m pretty sure I need one of each option <3
Fabric I used is cotton lycra (200gsm, I think) and wit worked out great for this design.

I suggest you make a muslin first for this one. Even if you’ve got your GG sizing down, that horizontal wrap-around-the-arm strap may need a bit of adjusting.

The next plans for this one is a ribbon hack and a sweater knit one, just to see what a more slouchy fit would look with it.
I’ll keep you posted on it!

02 – Loop

“The Loop Top is a sweet and simple cutout loop design.  This asymmetric, sleeveless pattern is perfect for stylish and trendy layering!  Choose from regular top and crop top options.  This stunning design is a must-have for any trendy sewist’s collection!”

The Loop is the more simple design from the collection, but still just as fun and awesome as the other two.
I opted for a crop top for this one.

The cutout is such a great detail!
I’m having visions of a bodycon BLD… what do you think? Maybe with an added flounce to the skirt? Ooooooh….

If a close/high neck is something that bugs you, you may need to stay away from this one. I personally love a high neck but know that’s something a lot of people can’t stand. This one isn’t chokey, but it’s very close to the base of the neck.

I’m so glad I managed to squeeze one more piece out of this rayon knit!

03 – Sweep

“The Sweep Top is full of flair!  This asymmetric pattern features a one-shoulder neckline and dramatic bishop sleeve!  Choose from regular top and crop top options.  This stunning design is a must-have for any trendy sewist’s collection”

This one is probably my favorite of all three. It’s a tough choice, but the drama of it just pulls a bit harder on my heartstrings. <3

Asymmetrical, dramatic sleeve, off the shoulder…. what’s not to love?

I’ve had this fabric in my stash for so long but always thought it looked a bit matronly… well, it turns out it just needed the right pattern!
I made the crop option but didn’t hem it. This fabric doesn’t fray, so I just cut around the design to make it a bit more fahncy 😀

Oh, and I also added a tiny bit of black interfacing to the edges just to give it a bit more structure and prevent it from rolling up.

Well, that’s it from me today.
I know, I know… only one of each pattern isn’t my norm but I have to start with baby steps haha

Here are the pattern links if you want to grab them:


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