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Mixing It Up with Manhattan

Mix It Up – G+G / Manhattan Dress – NH

My daughter had a school dance last Saturday (Cito Gala) and that required a pretty new outfit. Sounds simple enough, right?

Except when we’re talking about a tween that has a mile long list of what she didn’t want but didn’t know what she actually wanted!


Her basic guidelines for it were:

  • It had to be a dress;
  • Not girly;
  • Had to be cool;
  • No ball gown styles.

So, I put my thinking cap on and settled on bodice from the amazing Mix It Up from George+Ginger (horseshoe front and keyhole back) and high-low skirt from the Manhattan dress from New Horizons.

Mission was accomplished!

According to my daughter, that was EXACTLY what she wanted and I’m the best mom ever! (well, at least for now lol).

I did some adjustments to the pattern for her.

She’s outgrown the G+G tween sizes and wears a size 2 ladies now. But the neckline of ladies sizes is a bit too low for her still, so I raised it by approximately 1.5″. I also used the tween 14 size keyhole back opening to make it a bit more modest on her.

I blended the Mix It Up and Manhattan patterns at the waistline so the Manhattan skirt would properly fit and that was it!

One pretty dress and one happy girl!

Fabric is a sequined knit lined with CL (bodice only).
I love this color and am actually jealous and want a twin dress for myself! 😉

Her hair turned out cute too, so Double score! lol

If you’re not familiar with these 2 patterns and would like to see what else I’ve made using them, you can check them out here: MIX IT UP and MANHATTAN.

(aff)Links to patterns:

MIX IT UP DRESS – George+Ginger


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  1. O Livia, what a beauty! The dress, the fabric, the colour, your daughter, her hair, all of it is awesome. I love your post!

    1. admin says:

      Aw, Yvette
      Thank you so much!!! <3

  2. Florence Taylor says:

    PERFECT , goddess .. beautiful

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