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Romy Set

“Necessity is the mother of Invention Creativity

True fact: 2 AM Livia can’t measure, estimate or be trusted with any kind of math.

The other night I had just finished a project and wasn’t feeling tired, so I thought, ooooh I’ll use this scrap for another Romy set! It’s perfect, I’ll cut it now and have it all ready for sewing it tomorrow!

This is how it went:

  • Cut the top front panel, hmmmmm… there’s not THAT much fabric left, it’s going to be a close call!
  • Cut the top back panel…. huh? Where did all the fabric go?
  • Start cutting the bolero pieces… What was I thinking??? Ugh, I’m going to bed!

Next morning I came back to it only to realize that I completely overestimated the amount of fabric I had and I had wasted my precious scrap… (I love the fabric and bought it at a market, so no way to order more).

So, what was I to do?
Only one solution: Ignore all the house chores and play with the pattern and rest of fabric until I figured something out! lol

With some creative cutting I managed to squeeze the bolero bodice pieces and neckband (this one had to be a little shorter and cut in 2 pieces instead of on the fold), but that was it! I didn’t have enough for the top bands nor sleeves.

But yay! At least I had enough to make it work!
That’s how my summer/spring Romy set was born! haha

The top doesn’t have bands. I serged the neckline and armscye edges, folded and stitched. That made the V more like a U, but I’m not mad at it! 😉

The bolero is now sleeveless and omg… how cute is it?

The only difference in the construction is that you hem the armscye before sewing the shoulder seams together.

I love it so much!
It really turned out for the best, because I think that this color goes perfectly well with the sleeveless and I even love the rounded edge of the miss-formed diamond peekaboo! 😉

So from now on, this will be called a hack, instead of an error! 😛
I’ll definitely be making more of these for spring.

ROMY SET – George + Ginger


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  1. Florence Taylor says:

    I love it , the color is fantastic and yes I misjudged fabric quantities often lol

    1. Haha I’m glad I’m not alone! 😉

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