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Aviator Jumpsuit – Wardrobe by Me

Wardrobe by Me has just release its newest pattern, the Aviator Jumpsuit and it’s, as expected, fantastic!

Christina is a wizard at making patterns with a classic silhouette and perfect fit. Her attention to detail shows in every pattern and it’s just amazing.

The Aviator Jumpsuit PDF sewing pattern is a casual, relaxed fitting belted jumpsuit

Aviator jumpsuit PDF sewing pattern

As you can see from the line drawing above, the pattern has various options:

  • Round or V-neckline
  • Patch or Side seam pockets
  • Button placket
  • Sleeves with button tabs or Sleeveless
  • Long or shorts length

It’s meant for medium weight woven fabric with good drape. I used a viscose linen blend and it’s perfect for it.

I made a size 8 bust graded to an 18 hip. The only mod I had to make aside from grading was add length to the vertical trunk as I have a long torso.

The WBM are not beginner friendly per se, but if you have already have a basic notion of sewing a garment, it’s easy to follow and the jumpsuit isn’t difficult at all to make.

I know that plackets may sound like a bit intimidating at first, but it’s quite easy.

I chose the round neckline and patch pockets. I think I’ve mentioned before but I’m not particularly a fan of side seam pockets on me.

These sleeves are similar to the Whisper Blouse ones and are one of my favorites ever!

This is one of those patterns that look good on every single body. It’s just amazing how it really suits all shapes and sizes. All the testers look so amazing in it… it’s like magic.

Ok, now that I’ve told you how I truly feel about this pattern, I’ll admit that this project tried every single one of my nerves!

All due to user errors, but a huge line of them.

Do you have that too? Projects that seems like everything that can go wrong, does? Let me list a few for you:

  • Cut the pattern wrong and ruined my piece of fabric and had to reorder;
  • Made a mistake when calculating the extra length needed for vertical trunk and made a jumpsuit that was way too long;
  • Cut my finger and bled on the fabric;
  • Bobbing thread ended mid-buttonhole;
  • Serger thread ended mid-seam;
  • Sewed the buttons 1/4″ too low and had to redo them all…

Nothing to pattern related, all Livia related. So frustrating! LOL

One good thing though…

The too long jumpsuit is super cute when belted and I actually love it! Woot!

Aside from teh fact that it’s shorts and has no breast pocket, it’s the same as the blue one. Fabric is also a linen blend.

I wanted to make this one sleeveless at first, but I love the sleeveless so much that I couldn’t help it!

Due to the extra length on the body of the jumpsuit, it’s extra blousy and, honestly, I’m here for it.

So in the end, at least one of the accidents that happened while sewing the Aviator, was a happy one!

Next I want to make one using double gauze because that just sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

This is also a great piece that can be styled in so many ways. Pair it with heels, sneakers, boots, sandals… it all works!



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