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Whisper Blouse – Wardrobe by Me

Happy Easter!!
I hope everyone is having a great Easter Sunday and enjoying some family time.

We’ve had a lovely day so far… just taking it easy, enjoying doing nothing together and ingesting an obscene amount of food.

Now everyone took off to their own corner to enjoy some alone time… My husband is fixing a couple of things in the yard, my daughter is painting outside and my son is playing video games. And as I’m wearing my Whisper dress today, what better time to come on over here and tell you why I’m so in love with this pattern?

Whisper blouse and dress PDF sewing pattern is an uncomplicated, relaxed-fitting garment designed for Double Gauze fabric.

The pattern is meant for Double Gauze fabric (Hydrofiel for my Dutch friends), features a boatneck and comes with a few different options:

  • Button placket or plain neckline
  • Straight sleeve with 4 lengths
  • Sleeve with fullness at the hem
  • Sleeve tab
  • Blouse length
  • Dress length

This was my first time working and wearing Double Gauze. OMG, I’m never going back! The fabric is sucha a DREAM to wear.

Whisper is quick and easy to make. I’ve made 3 so far, but have another one already cut, just waiting to be sewn together.

1- Dress length, Sleeve A with tabs and plain neckline

This is the one I’m wearing today.
Not only it’s oh-so-comfy, the fabric makes it perfect for today’s warm weather.

Full Disclosure: The dress isn’t really meant to be so short. I’m tall and forgot to add length to the pattern before cutting the fabric. That being said… I kinda love it mini length! πŸ˜€

I love the sleeves! You can also fold it up before buttoning the tabs, but I prefer the scrunched up look.

2 – Top length, Straight Sleeves 3/4 length and Button Placket

As I mentioned above, the Whisper is an easy pattern. That being said, beginners might find the placket a bit finnicky to make. The steps aren’t difficult, it’s just a matter of being precise to get a clean finished product.

It’s very worth the small hassle though… it’s so pretty! <3

This is definitely a staple blouse that can be worn all year round. It’s cool for spring and summer evenings and it’s great for layering under a nice jacket. Double Gauze is seriously the softest fabric to wear…

Funny fact: My husband doesn’t get the french tuck thing and kept telling me that my shirt was stuck in the front of my pants when I was taking the pictures. LOL

3 – Top length, Sleeve A with tabs and plain neckline

This is essentially the same as the dress but in blouse length. It’s my favorite combo of options.

I like how simple it looks without it being too basic, kwim?

These sleeves are a bit wider at the bottom giving it a nice volume and making it easier to roll put when using the sleeve tabs.

You can choose to fold/roll the sleeves up or scrunch it up before buttoning the tabs. Both look super cute, but like I said… the scrunched up is my personal choice. πŸ˜‰

For my dutch/belgium friends wondering where I got my fabrics from: This white one I bought last year at the Stoffen Spektakel, and the other two were a lucky find at Marktplaats :O

Sewing friends, if you haven’t sewn or worn Double Gauze yet, I highly recommend you give it a try. It truly is ah-mazing!!! And if you do, why not start with a pattern written especially for it? πŸ˜‰

WHISPER BLOUSE – Wardrobe by Me

Love to you all!


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  1. deborah Ingelrelst says:

    Mooi alweer!

  2. Karen Menz says:

    Beautiful! Did you wash the double gauze before cutting? If so, at what temperature for wash and dry? It seems like it could shrink a lot and that would change its features.

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