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Esther Blouse

Esther Blouse – Wardrobe by Me

Normally I’m not a blouse wearer.
I do love the look of them and always feel more polished when wearing one, the main reason for my “abstinence” is, to be completely honest, the ironing envolved.

I know, I know… but what can I say?
The only ironing I enjoy don’t mind, is in the process of sewing.

But sometimes a hassle worthy pattern comes along!
This time, it’s the Esther Blouse from Wardrobe by Me.

Esther is designed for woven fabrics and features 2 styles.

Style A
– Pleats at the neckline
– Longer length with a curved hem
– Longer sleeve, pleated at the cuff.

Style B
– Gathered at the neckline
– Shorter length with a straight wide hem
– Shorter sleeve gathered at the cuff

Both styles feature a slit and one button closure at the back.

I chose to make style A

The fabric I used is a woven viscose I found at the local market.
It has lurex threads running through it, it’s so pretty I couldn’t resist. And the same day I bought the fabric, Christina announced the test… it was meant to be! 😉

The pattern was a great fit right from the get-go.
All I did was grade it and adjust for height according to my measurements.

I love that the neckband is more band-like instead of a facing. It was a different way of constructing a woven top and I love learning new techniques.

I love those front pleats. So cute!
The back neckline features pleats or gathers, depending on the option chosen.

I mentioned it before, but I always feel so accomplished after finishing a woven garment successfully. Do you have that too?

Making a perfect fitting woven piece is a superpower, isn’t it? 😀

ESTHER BLOUSE – Wardrobe by Me


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