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Bayside Dress

I’ve been admiring the Bayside Romper by New Horizons Designs for quite a while, so when they announced the revamping of the pattern I jumped on the testing wagon!

This pattern is just as amazing as I had imagined!

To start with, let’s talk options: it can be a romper or a dress! How great is that?

  • Romper: shorts or pants
  • Dress: mini, knee or maxi lengths (knee length can have a straight or curved hem)
  • sleeveless or short sleeves
  • pockets!

The wow factor of the Bayside is definitely the back!

Love that crossed over detail!
The pattern calls for knit fabrics and preferably something with a nice drape to it. I used a Cotton Lycra and even though I’m in LOVE with my dress, for the next one I’ll use a more drapey, relaxed knit.

One good thing when using the cotton lycra is that the back opening holds its shape and I can wear a regular bra without any peekaboo issues! 😉

When I make my Bayside pant romper I’ll probably use a stiffer fabric for the bottom part and a light knit for the top. I feel a bit insecure wearing lightweight knit pants… the lumps and bumps need some more stability, kwim?

I’m obsessed with this color, btw! I usually get so obsessed with all the pretty prints, that I forget how awesome solids are!
I got this yummy army green CL at my favorite local fabric shop:

This is a great way to look put together,  feel great about yourself and be super comfortable at the same time!!



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  1. Jacqueline says:

    Did you alter anything when making this one? I’m looking at the pics on the pattern designer website and trying to judge if I’d be happy with where the elastic sits (given the mum-tum I’ve got going on) and on your pics I think yeah, that would be fine but on some of the pics on their website I feel it would sit just under which would make me super uncomfortable.

    1. admin says:

      I didn’t alter this one at all, but I guess the safest way would be to measure where you’d like the elastic to be on you. I’d measure from the armscye to the where you’d like the elastic to hit and compare and adjust it on the pattern piece. 😉

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