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Be Bold Bodysuit

Be Bold Bodysuit – Patterns for Pirates

The newest pattern from Patterns for Pirates, the Be Bold Bodysuit, is my newest summer staple.
It’s no secret that I’m a huge bodysuit fan, and this is an awesome one. But this time, it’s the crop version that stole the show for me. It’s so perfect for using all those smaller scraps I’ve been hoarding, not to mention how quickly they sew up.

The pattern comes with multiple options, always a great plus on my book.

  • Bodysuit (brief or thong and optional snaps closure)
  • Crop top;
  • Tank (thin or wider straps);
  • Sleeves (short, 3/4, long)
  • High or Low front;
  • High or Low back;
  • Lined with Shelf bra or unlined with picot elastic finish.

The square neckline is so beautiful and flattering!
I tried to have a play and make different options, but kept coming back to the thin straps one. Just couldn’t help myself. 😀

Thin strap crop lined with shelf bra.
I’m not really sure what this fabric is, it’s listed just as Knit tie-dye on the website. It’s textured, very soft, and stretchy. This top is sooo comfortable! Not only that, but it also feels very secure due to the elastic in the straps. As the weather decided to revert to winter the past few days I’ve been wearing this under my sweaters when lounging at home.

I loved this one so much that I immediately made another one!

I used a very tiny scrap I had left of this gorgeous custom CL from 7byRaz. I’m so glad I held on to it! 😉
For the back and the straps, I used black Ponte. The fabrics are a bit more stable than the tie-dye one so this one is just as comfortable but a little more compressive than the first.

Oh and btw.. these are paired with high waisted Loggers. A match made in Heaven! <3

After 2 tops it was time to make a bodysuit, right?

This is a low front, high neck combo with short sleeves in rib knit, lined with a shelf bra.
Due to the lockdown, I didn’t manage to source enough pico elastic in time to finish this, so I got creative and used FOE instead. I didn’t fold it over, just applied it was I would have the picot elastic and it worked out pretty well.

This bodysuit was a breeze to make and get the fit right in one go.
I have a long trunk, my girt measurement is 70″, so I always need to modify bodysuit patterns to fit met properly. With this one all I needed to do was to measure my sidewaist (armpit to natural waist) and my waist-to-hip, compare to the chart and add length where needed.

Yes, it was another case of “WOW! I love this so much I need another one right away!”.

And, of course, it had to be a thin strap one. lol
I can easily see this combo being used as a swimsuit. In that case I’d probably line the entire thing instead of just adding the shelf bra though.

The fabric I used for this one is a rayon knit and it’s soft like butter. The only reason I haven’t been wearing this non stop is that we’re in lockdown and I’ve been pretty much at home all day everyday since before Christmas and when just lounging at home I don’t feel like dealing with bodysuits when going to the bathroom lol

This thin strap bodysuit option is something I want to have a million of. Not only for the warmer days, but it’s also the perfect piece for layering when it’s cold.

Ok, back to the crop tops… ha!

Another scrap-busting situation.
I had this leftover from a top I’d made for my daughter and was planning on making something for her, but according to her this print is too childish for her 14-year-old self, so 44 yo Momma will rock it instead! lol

Tank option with the wider straps, low front, low back and lined with shelf bra. The fabric is CL that I got from Driessen stoffen a quite a long time ago.

And last but not least we have a little hack.

A little strapless crop, because why not? 😀
This is simply the thin strap crop, without the straps and finished with picot elastic.

A few things to know with this one is that I used a very stable and strong on-the-heavier-side scuba, and I don’t have much to be supported. Because of this I can get away with just making it as is, without adding any elastic or making any modification.

I probably won’t be wearing this one as a top on it’s own but it will be perfect for layering.

Well, that’s it from me for now.
Bottom line is that I’m thourougly happy with this pattern and if you’re looking for a wardrobe staple, I highly recommend this one!

BE BOLD BODYSUIT – Patterns for Pirates


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  1. Abbey says:

    Another great collection of pretties, Livia! This pattern has such nice options and your chosen fabrics are just spot on. Really love the teen print that your daughter no longer appreciates.

  2. I bought this pattern because of you. Love all the versions.

    1. admin says:

      The ultimate compliment!!! <3

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