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Simpatico & Xpress – perfect duo!

Simpatico Leggings + Xpress Tank – Greenstyle Creations

Here I am, back with more leggings!
A while ago I made a post where I compared a bunch of different legging patterns and today I’m back to talk about another one. 🙂 The new Simpatico Leggings from Greenstyle Creations.

You can check out my comparisson post here – > LEGGINGS GALLORE

Well, from the collage above you can see that I’ve made multiples, safe to assume that it’s a winner in my book. 😀

Simpatico is a basic legging pattern. No bells and whistles with this one.
So what makes it special?

A general answer would be FIT.
It’s truly fantastic!

This was my first muslin:

I have to grade from a size F waist to a size J hip… I was so stoked to get this fit right off the bat!

Ok, let’s get into some pattern deets:

  • It comes with 3 height options: Petite, Standard and Tall;
  • Mid or High-rise waistband options;
  • Capri or Full length options.

One thing that sets this pattern apart from the other GS leggings is that it’s drafted for 50% 4-way stretch fabrics and it has a more “relaxed” fit than the leggings that are specifically drafted for athletic knits.

Another pattern I’ll be talking about in this post is the Xpress Tank.
I’ve been wanting to make one since forever and what better opportunity than pairing it will some awesome leggings?

This is an awesome layering top. So easy and quick to make!
It literally only has 2 seams!

I was a bit unimaginative and only made the rounded edge option. No thougth process in it… I just got carried away and before I knew it I had 3 of the same ones. lol

The count so far is 4 leggings, 3 tops and 1 tottaly wearable knee length muslin.
A little more info before I dive into each make separately:

  • all leggings are size F waist graded to size J hip;
  • all leggings are full length;
  • all leggings have a high waistband;
  • all tanks are rounded back, size S graded to L.

oh, and even though I’m 5’10” tall I made the standard lenght because I carry my height on my trunk.

Let’s start with this one as I used the same black ponte I used for the Leggings Gallore post.
This is a more stable fabric and it feels a bit more constritive than the other ones I made. That being said, it still fits amazingly and is very comfortable.

It’s a I can wear it all day running errands comfortable, but not I’ll lounge all day on the couch comfortable. Does it makes sense?

The fabric I used for the Xpress is a mystery poly knit. It’s cool and soft to the touch, has a really nice drape and it’s a pain to hem! 😀 The other 2 tanks I hemmed with the coverstitch, but this one I had to serge the edges and hem on the sewing machine.

This pattern includes thigh, calf and ankle measurements for grading, which is awesome.

I’m head over heels in love with this set.
I love every single thing about it. The fit, the softness of the fabrics, the colors. EVERYTHING!

The top is a poly lycra blend and the legging is only listed as poly knit so I’m not sure what it is, but it’s amazing.

Another awesome set! This post is going to be pretty boring, it’s only me gushing about how much I love my new leggings and tanks. lol

The top fabric is a rayon knit and the legging is an athletic knit with Ponte for the inner waistband. This fabric has a ton of stretch so I thought I’d use something more stable in the waistband to keep it in place. In hindsight that’s not really necessary in my case due to the size difference, but better safe than sorry right?

Another tie-dye one!
This one is a lycra-based fabric and very very soft. It’s lightweight and does nothing to contain the jiggle but it’s the one I’ve been living in. It feels like I’m pantless… I call that a win, don’t you? LOL

And last but not least… I photographed my muslin with the Xpress top as well because it’s pretty and couldn’t be left out of the party lol

If you’re looking for a basic straightforward legging pattern to wear on daily life, I highly recommend the Simpatico. And if you’re in the market for a workout top, the Xpress tank is a no brainer! 🙂
(and… not to be an enabler, but doing so anyways… both patterns are on sale at the moment! 😛 )



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