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Throwback Tee – George+Ginger

George+Ginger is at it again… releasing the pattern you never knew you needed! The Throwback tee is a retro dream come true <3

The Throwback Tee meets all the retro requirements!  Loose fit, amazing colorblock options and fun sleeve bands!  Choose from front Rainbow Stripes and To The Point colorblocks or back Sunny Day and Happy Array colorblocks to customize your tee…or mix and match front and backs for the ultimate vintage tee design

Not only are these t-shirts super cute, but they’re also SO MUCH FUN to make! I just had to make at least one of each and as I was feeling brave, I decided to make them all using velvet. lol

All my shirts are size 8 graded to 18 and I used rib knit for the bands because even feeling brave I didn’t want to deal with velvet for that.

The pattern is easy and straightforward to make. It’s a relaxing project for me, there’s something very soothing about putting the puzzle pieces together. The only “stressful” part was figuring out what fabrics and colors to use. 😛

Honestly, there’s nothing much else that I can really say about these, just that they are awesome and I can’t get enough of them. So I’ll just show you the ones I’ve made so far. 😉


This was the first one I made and the only one I knew what colors I wanted to use. I mean… it does beg for a sunrise/sunset, doesn’t it?


Another fun facet of this pattern is mixing and matching the fronts and backs. That’s what I did with this one.


This one might be my favorite one… <3
I have no idea why, but this design gives me superhero vibes, in the best of ways. My kids don’t see it… what do you think?

4 – HACK – To the Point

Yeah… you know the drill, I can’t leave things well enough alone. lol

I made the sleeve elbow length (it was meant to be 3/4 but didn’t have enough fabric lol), and finished the neckline with a facing instead of a band.

The reason for the facing is that I didn’t want to use the black rib knit on this one and still wasn’t willing to deal with the velvet for it. I really like the look of it this way and will definitelly be making more!

Next project is a dress length <3

If you also want to get your retro on, here’s a link:


Oh, and I forgot to mention for my European peeps, the fabrics used are from Driessen Stoffen.


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