Bonnaroo Tank and Skirt

Get your wovens ready, because The Music Festival Collection by G+G has arrived with a bang!
The first release is the Bonnaroo Set (tank and skirt) and it’s AH-MAZING!!!

This collection is the answer to all your boho dreams! Flowy skirts, ruffles, loose tops… all the makings of a perfect summer wardrobe!

The Bonnaroo skirt has a lot of options and I love all of them!
– corset waistband (woven);
– yoga waistband (knit);
– hi-lo with or without ruffles;
– gored skirt;
– if making ruffles, choice of one or two rows of it.

I opted for the hi-lo (what a shocker, huh? :D), no ruffles with the yoga waistband.
The skirt uses quite a bit of fabric and it requires a fair amount of gathering, but it’s sooooooo worth it! I’m going to live in these during the summer for sure! I really can’t wait to start on my corset waistband, and on my gored skirt. Should I combine both? Or make a corseted hi-lo and a yoga gored one? I can’t decide! 🙂

As for fabric, I used a silk satin for the skirt and leather look knit for the waistband, both from my favorite brick and mortar shop here in town, Stof-inc.
The skirt should be made according to your hip measurement. I made a straight size 20 but the next one I’ll grade down at the waistband (I’m pear shaped).

Now onto the Bonnaroo Tank.

This knit top is so great!
It’s knit but not made to be form-fitting, it’s a loose fit tank and I love that. It has faux shoulder ties and has 2 length options: shirt or crop. I made the crop and as you can see, it’s a bit longer than your usual crop top, which I love!

For the Tank, I used the same lace knit fabric I used for the Tanacross Cardi, and it worked out perfectly. On the photos I’m wearing a sports top underneath it for modesty 😉 The shoulder ties, neck and sleeve bands are a lightweight CL.

My thoughts on the Bonnaroo Set?
This outfit is summer perfection! I can’t wait to make more!


BONNAROO BUNDLE – George+Ginger Patterns 




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  1. Wow! This is a gorgeous set!

  2. This looks awesome on you! Well done!

  3. I love the shoulder ties (and the fact that they are fake…! I totally see me dreading them to come untied!!!)

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