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Star Wars Day

Teen Spirit – George+Ginger

Hi all!
Today’s post is quick and dirty.
I’m completely behind on all things and can’t seem to get it together lately… Anyone else on the same boat? Please tell me I’m not alone.

I’ve been enjoying playing in Illustrator lately… trying to remember the tricks. I used to work with it a bit, before sewing took precedence over all other hobbies. 😛

To celebrate today I made 2 svg images and thought I’d share it with you. 😉

When my son first saw this one he immediately asked it to be placed on his new Rebel Joggers from WBM (post about these will be coming soon). We both love how it turned out.

The next one I placed it on a Teen Spirit for myself.
I chose the crop straight length and folded over and topstitched the neckline instead of adding a neckband.

I love my Solo+Chewie top!
I wore my hair on a side bun as an homage to Leia. 😀
Off-shoulder tops and sports bra is my favorite combo to wear when lounging at home.

Here are the links for the Free SVG files (personal use only).


The font used is Lucky Dip.

TEEN SPIRIT TOP – George+Ginger

May the Force the with all of us! <3

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1 Comment

  1. Héél herkenbaar hoor: ik loop ook erg achter met bloggen… eerst al met foto’s maken. Nu is dan een aantal foto’s wel gemaakt, maar dan komt het er niet van om er blogs over te schrijven.
    Maar ja, beter maar gewoon accepteren dat het zo loopt, want als je je er druk om gaat maken, pest je jezelf alleen maar😉. Dus: go with the flow and relax🥰.

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