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Camisado Cami & Scuffle Shorts

I just LOVE a versatile piece! And the new pattern from Rad Patterns, Camisado Cami is exactly that!
When paired with the Scuffle Shorts it’s great as a lingerie set, but if paired with my favorite high waisted pants (Pippa Pants by Rebecca Page) I’m ready to go out and about. 🙂

The pattern comes with two necklines (scoop and v-neck) and two lengths (top and tunic). It has a princess seam and adjustable straps. The pattern calls for a rolled hem foot but also has instructions for alternative ways of finishing it, in case you don’t have one.

The Scuffle shorts also come in two lengths (booty and lounge) and it has a lovely loose fit, which makes it not only pretty but also super comfy!

Both my Camisados are V-neck with top length, and my Scuffle is lounge.

(since you can never have too much of a good thing, I made two camis to start with :D)

As you can see from the photos above, it’s not strictly necessary to make the straps adjustable. I just measured the red bias tape and sewed it to the top.

Aside from the slippery quality of the fabrics I used, this was a breeze to make. Man, I do need to get me a big cutting mat and discover the wonders of a rotary cutter, don’t I?

Both patterns are on sale through February 10 with 30% off, no code needed!

Now I’m off to browse my stash and decide what my next set will look like… 😉


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