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Knot Sleeve + Guernica Romper

Being tall and having a long torso I’ve always had trouble finding RTW clothes that properly fit me, especially one pieces. It has always frustrated me that I could never find a jumpsuit or a romper…

I’m so excited about this one!
I’ve been eyeing the Guernica Romper for quite a while, I love Rad Patterns and their size range. The only thing that kept holding me back was that it was sleeveless… I don’t know when that happened but I find myself disliking sleeveless on me. Gotta do something about those flabby arms of mine! lol

When Stephanie announced the All the Sleeves add-on pack I knew exactly what pattern to match it with! 😀

The Add-on pack is fantastic, it comes with 7 different sleeve styles:

  • Puff Sleeve (in all sleeve lengths)
  • Juliet Sleeve (elbow)
  • Petal Sleeve (short)
  • Knot Sleeve (short)
  • Flutter Sleeve (short)
  • Bishop Sleeve (long)
  • Bell Sleeve (long)

The sleeves can be paired (with no changes to pattern pieces)  to a number of the Rad Patterns… full list on the website 😉


I’m in LOVE with the Knot Sleeve, it’s really fun to make!
Regular short sleeves might be ruined for me… lol

The top part of the romper and the sleeves are a straight size L, for the shorts I graded the front to XL and the back to 1X.  I used CL for the top and a heavyweight with little stretch knit for the shorts.

Originally I had made the longer shorts (7″inseam) because I was afraid of them riding up when I walked (darn chunky thighs!), but ended up shortening them because:
1 – longer loose shorts don’t look flattering on me (at all!);
2 – the shorts don’t ride up! woot, woot! The heavier fabric was a good call for this one!

The only modification I made to the pattern was the fastening of the back of the top. The pattern calls for hook and eye, but I thought that using ties would help to make bathroom trips easier 😀



Here are the links, in case you want to check them out:



Now here’s to hoping that the weather gods hear my cries and send spring weather our way so I can actually wear my new romper 🙂


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