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Clara Skirt

Clara Skirt

Stephanie Thiel has proven to the sewing community time and again how awesome and talented she is, and this time is no different. Rad Patterns has just released a Capsule Collection with not only style and comfort, but also accessibility in mind.

What does that mean?

” Accessible fashion means offering styles that can work for specific needs or sizes, while also working for those without those specific needs. Everyone should be able to feel good, look good, and have functionality in their wardrobe!”

How does that translate in this skirt pattern:

  • The front of the skirt opens fully, allowing for getting it on and off while seated.
  • The instructions are included for using snaps, zippers, or velcro for the opening depending on your dexterity needs and style preference!
  • The skirt is fitted enough to avoid excess fabric that could get caught in a wheelchair without restricting mobility.
  • The side seams sit slightly forward of the natural side of the body, shifting them away from areas that could cause chafing or abrasion while seated.
  • The pockets sit on the thigh, making them perfect for seated use.
  • The back rise sits slightly higher on the body so it provides comfort and coverage while seated but still looks great standing as well.

The Clara skirt comes with the options:

  • Mini, Knee or Calf lengths;
  • Mid or High rise.

I made the mini length with high rise.
This skirt fits like a glove!
The fabric I used is a mystery performance-like fabric I got at the local market ages ago.

The shirt I’m wearing it’s a RTW, in case you’re wondering. πŸ˜‰
I’d love to have a pattern fro something like it though… If anyone knows of any, give me a shout out!

I asked the gorgeous Emily permission to use her photos on my blog to illustrate the amazingness of this pattern. On her beautiful skirt you can see the functionality of the pockets.

The top Emily is wearing is also part of the Accessible Capsule Collection. Follow her on Instagram @lifewitloganp to see it and all her other fantastic photos and makes!

This is such an amazing project and all the props to Stephanie for coming up with it! And she’s not done yet. There are more patterns coming, including options for kids and men!

Unfortunately, due to time, I only managed to make 1 out of the 3 patterns in the collection. The other two patters are:

Back to Business Raglan, a super cute tee with the following attributes:

– A center back opening isn’t just a cute detail! it can be a very helpful feature for those in a wheelchair or with limited over the head mobility.
– The instructions are included for using buttons, snaps, zipper, or velcro for the opening depending on your dexterity needs and style preference!
– Optional zipper entry along the front raglan seams gives access for a variety of needs, from port access to breastfeeding.

Mokena Shirt, a great shirt with lots of accessibility options:

– Several different front access points – above the chest, below the chest, or at the hip – to allow access to ports, monitors, or breastfeeding access.
– The instructions are included for using snaps, zippers, or velcro for the opening depending on your dexterity needs and style preference!
– The reverse high-low hem option is made with consideration to seated wear in a wheelchair – the back is long enough for coverage while being short enough to avoid sitting on it while the front is slightly longer to offer coverage.

Make sure to check them out:



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  1. Gorgeous outfit and a perfect explanation of why accessible patterns can work for everyone! <3

  2. Florence Taylor says:

    Amazing Exquisite and sensational

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