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Cascade Tee – Sushi

New Horizons‘ new pattern is the perfect wardrobe builder!

The Cascade Tee comes with enough options to be the only shirt pattern your girl needs:

  • sleeveless, short or long sleeves
  • choice of with or without flounce

No serger needed, a sewing machine is all you need! 😉

Summer weather has arrived so we chose the tank/sleeveless option with flounce. It’s so freaking cute!!!

My daughter isn’t a girly girl and, therefore, not a fan of ruffles and bows. She does love dresses and skirts, but they have to be “cool” and not “girly”. When she first saw the pattern she wasn’t sold on the flounce idea… she said it was “ruffly”.

Well, nothing like a stubborn mama… I made it anyway! 😀
Hmmm… turns out that moms can be right every now and then. She LOVES the shirt and has already chosen fabric for 2 more! Oh, and when the weather gets colder I can make them long sleeved as well!

This is super fast, instant gratification project! Don’t you just love those? 😉

CASCADE TEE – New Horizons Designs


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