Doris Social Tour

The Doris Skirt was my very first Misusu make and let me tell you… it’s love!
The pattern is fantastic and working with Elles was such a joy, this lady really knows her stuff!!
This is day 6 of the social tour and you’re probably already familiar with Doris, but if not, let me introduce you:Doris is Pretty.
Doris is fantastic.
Doris is unique.
What sets it apart from other slim fit knit skirts? To me, it’s the diagonal side seam and that V-shaped waistband. What I also LOVE about this skirt is how easy it is to personalize it and make it uniquely yours.
– Pockets with or without bands;
– folded or banded hem;
– back yoke or not;
– you can add piping to the side diagonal seam for an extra flair;
– mix and match fabrics to your heart’s desire! (this is a great pattern to use up all the scraps, YAY!)
Unicorns and glitter rib knit! Can’t go wrong with Unicorns and glitter, right? 😉
This skirt is made with sweatshirt fabric and pocket is punta. Worked out like a dream and she loves it! The skirt is long enough to wear it as is, but on a regular daily life, she’ll probably pair it with leggings. 🙂
The stars fabric is French Terry, and it also works wonderfully for this pattern.  I used leftover scraps from a sweater I’ve made for myself, previously. Bonus points for that! 😀
Roses in quilted knit and black rib knit.
It’s hard to decide what skirt she loves best!
I’ve only made one “model” of the skirt because miss 11yo stuck to this one and didn’t want a different one… This girl, she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to let it be known what it is! 😀
This pattern is super fast to put together and I’d say it’s adventurous beginner friendly. The only thing that accounts for the adventurous part is the V-shaped waistband, so if you’ve done a V-neck shirt before, you’ll be absolutely ok! And if you haven’t yet, instructions are fantastic and you should just go for it, you’ll be fine! 🙂

If you want to give this cute skirt a go:

And because Elles is not only talented but also super generous, at the end of the Social Tour (april 15th) there is a HUGE SURPRISE!
While you wait for it, get inspired following the tour:
Saturday April 7th
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Sunday April 15th



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  1. Bedankt Livia! Wat een leuke blogpost, prachtige rokjes en dochter! Het was een genot om met je samen te werken!

    Groetjes Elles

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