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Your favorite new skirt pattern, hot off the press!

Love Notions newest pattern, Encore skirt, is bound to become a wardrobe favorite.
It’s such a classic silhouette that is perfect not only for this holiday season, but all year round.

This patter is meant for wovens, has a side zipper closure, and it features 4 different styles, each in 2 lengths.

When a pattern offers numerous options like this one, I typically enjoy sewing different styles to share with you. However, I always find it challenging to decide on the options to sew. The process of choosing styles and fabrics tends to take longer and be more difficult than the actual sewing. Haha

Not this time, though. As soon as I saw the line drawings, I knew the full skirt option in midi length was the one for me! And as soon as I tried the first one on, there was no turning back, and I just stuck with it.

This is such a beautiful silhouette, and can we talk about the pockets? SO GOOD!
I love the flattering angle on the hips and they’re also nice and big. Perfect for some Christmas cookies/treats… just saying.

The top I made to pair with it is a modified La Bella Dona: I used 2 fronts and added elastic to the neckline with the attach-and-flip method.

I love how the whole outfit turned out!

For the next look, I actually made 2 different tops to go with it.

My first vision for the skirt was a cream-colored Arlington Sweater with a mock turtleneck and puff sleeves—so classy and romantic!

However, when I put the outfit on my mannequin, it kinda looked like she was going to churn some butter or was an Edwardian school teacher. Lol.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that look (I mean, who doesn’t love some fresh butter?), but it’s just not what I was going for.

So, I immediately whipped up a Tailgate using the same fabric to try and go for a more modern vibe. As it was already late, I went to bed without trying any of it on.

To my surprise, the next day, when I tried them on to decide which one was “it,” it was love on both counts!

The Arlington didn’t look “costumey” at all and it had, indeed, the classic look I was going for.

And the Tailgate also worked out great for a more modern and casual style.

Either way… the Encore is definitely the star of the show! I’m utterly obsessed with this one; it’s one of those cases of a pattern and fabric match made in heaven.

If you live locally to me and see me wearing this outfit over and over again, to all of the places… just mind ya business, ok? LOL

How about you? Which pairing do you prefer?

And, of course, in good Livia fashion, I had some fun with the pattern!

I thought the pockets and silhouette were perfect for making a sailor-style skirt, with high-waist and “double-breasted” buttons.

So here’s my Encore Hack deets:
– Made it in knit (denim look ponte)
– Tall waistband (about 6 inches)
– Added buttons

This skirt also demanded two different tops. I knew that I wanted a striped tee to keep within the sailor aesthetic I was going for, but one day at 3 am, the idea of finally making a puff-sleeved Aria hit my brain, and I simply had to obey.

I’m so happy with how it all turned out!
I love high-waisted everything and there’s something about sailor-style bottoms… I’m simply obsessed with it.

For the stripped tee I used the La Bella Donna again, also using two fronts, but this time I widened the neckline by about an inch on each side and simply hemmed it.

For the puffed-sleeved Aria, I used the same method from this tutorial I wrote for the LN Blog.

I decided to sew the placket shut instead of adding buttons to it as I like the clean look to let the skirt buttons shine. But it’s basted only and I may go back and add the buttons after all… still on the fence on that one. What do you think?

I’m so in love with this set… The Aria in this eyelet cotton is perfection.
The pattern sews up so beautifully, making it such a satisfying experience. If you’re looking for a good button-down shirt pattern, I can’t recommend this one enough!

Well, this is it from me today.
I’m off to sew… I have a PILE of LN pieces to sew for an upcoming project with my sewsister Jess and I can’t wait to show you all! But before I can, I better get busy at the machines haha

Recap of the patterns featured in this post:

xxx, Livia.

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  1. As always, you made such cute versions of this skirt and the top pairings are perfection! These are such chic outfits altogether. I had told Kristin (unsewcial) that my mind couldn’t vibe with the pattern because the narrower silhouette is the same design as my high school uniform; but I couldn’t imagine that the full skirt option would be so nice. May be also the length you chose makes the difference.

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