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What better way to start the sewing year than another fun project with my sewsister Jess?

Our projects are always a journey. It starts with a fun concept and then when the creative brains kick into gear it grows, evolves, and snowballs into a sewing spree. And when both of those creative brains have a knack for procrastination, the last-minute frenzy is real! ha-ha

Exhausting and absolutely enormously fun!

So here’s Jess and me going from Day to Night in Love Notion’s patterns trying to one-up each other!

Now let’s talk about the patterns I used for this!
I’ll keep it short and sweet and just go through hacks and mods that I made. 😉

PJs – Rockford Raglan

This was my first time making Rockford and it didn’t disappoint, the fit is amazing!
For the nightgown, I simply lengthened the tunic to knee length.

Fabric: Cotton Lycra

Lounge Set – Boyfriend Cardi + Summer Caye

Boyfriend cardigan is made as per pattern (plain collar, duster length).
For the Summer Caye I just made the pants as per pattern (palazzo, standard hem, no side split) and added a simple yoga waistband. What may be a bit of a deviation from the norm is that I made the waistband super tall. It’s about 6″ when folded down and it goes all the way to underboob region when unfolded lol.

I’m a huge fan of high-waist pants… just call me Obelix haha

I’m not gonna lie… this set blew me away. It turned out to be an immediate ace in my closet!
It’s as comfy as pjs and can be worn casually or a bit dressier as well. It’s as simple as changing tops and shoes.

I made a hacked Olympia bodice to use as a top with this set but I couldn’t find it when I went to take photos (insert huge facepalm here). I guess this is my sign to clean up my messy sewing space! lol

Here are a couple of shots I took to check the fit and look of it:

I made the V deeper and narrowed the shoulder on the sleeveless option.

The white cami is store-bought and the sequin is a tube top I whipped up.

Date outfit – Encore Skirt and La Bella Donna top

For more photos and details on this outfit, you can check out my Encore post.
The La Bella Donna is hacked and the Encore skirt is made as per pattern (full skirt, midi length).

Night Out! – Metra Blazer and Sybill Skirt

For this look I played with both patterns.

Metra Blazer is lengthened, similar to the mustard one I made for another collab with Jess. Have you seen our Miami Vice homage look?

I’m obsessed with this one! IMHO everyone needs a faux leather Metra in their closet! 😀

The Skirt is the Sybill pencil skirt, chopped a bit shorter to be a mini. I also blended the waistband into the skirt piece to eliminate an extra seam with sequins.

I added the waistband to the skirt piece and cut as one.

The skirt is fully lined and I added elastic to the top of the waistband for extra hold.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I added patch pockets to Metra, instead of making the pattern ones. 🙂

The teenager me is rejoicing in the fact that we finally dare to wear a sequin skirt!
All it took is to accept the body we have and reach an age where there are zero f***s left to give lol

But I digress…
Make sure to check out Jess on Instagram and Facebook to check out the deets on her makes!

Here’s a recap of the patterns I used:
Rockford Raglan

Summer Caye Pants

Boyfriend Cardigan

La Bella Donna Dolman

Encore Skirt

Metra Blazer

Sybil Skirt

Olympia Dress (top hack under cardi)

If you decide to grab a pattern (or 8 LOL), here’s a special code to give you an extra 10% off your purchase: liviality2024

xxx, Livia

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