Change it up Bra – George + Ginger

How many cute bras is too many?

Asking for a friend… 😬😅😂

Kristi did it again! Another amazing bra pattern collection with Front and Back editions, and of course, I had to follow tradition and make all of them. 😄

This collection is SO GOOD!

I do have my favorites, but love every single option. They’re all fun to sew and comfortable to wear. I personally call this one the sexy selection.

I mean…

Right? Every option is so hot!

Usually when I play the mix and match game I take my time to figure out which options pair the best. I go through the tutorial to figure out how to best tackle the sewing and all that jazz. I love it, it’s like solving a puzzle.

But as 2023 is set on making my life miserable and putting obstacles every step of the way, I didn’t manage to do my usually planning.

So… I just winged it and paired them instinctively. The result was mostly great but I did hit a couple of road blocks and had to make some with the regular front/back.

For the official testing I made front view VII and back view XVIII

Front view VII

For this one I used CL and athletic knit.

This view is one of my top favorites. I love the holster look of the side pieces, it’s so cool!

Back view XVIII

This one is athletic knit and one of the most comfortable ones to wear. After making it I may or may know have worn it for daaaaays and reluctantly threw it in the laundry, only to put it right back on after it was dried. 🤣

Now let’s take a look at the pairings I made.

Here are the common deets:

  • Size range 12
  • B cup
  • All fabrics used are athletic knits.

01 – Front view I + Back view XX

I’m not a ruffles person per se, but do love these options. Especially the XX. It’s so cute!

02 – Front view II + Back view XIII

This pair works perfectly with each other and this model has a very nice compression.

03 – Front view III and Back view XIV

These two were made for each other and this combo is 🔥🔥🔥

04 – Front view IV and Back view XI

Another great combo. I joined the straps at the shoulder seam but next time I’ll add the front straps length to the back pieces and make it as one.

05 – Front view VII and Back view XVI

I love how this one turned out! For this one to work I made the view XVI’s straps a bit wider to match the view VII’s straps width.

06 – Front view VIII and Back view XV

This pair works perfectly together as well. All that is needed is to cut front and back bindings as one piece.

07 – Front view IX and Back view XII

These were also meant to be together, weren’t they?

08 – Front view X and Back view XVII

This one also works perfectly together and I love how it turned out!

Those were the front and back mashes I made, the following ones were made as per pattern, with the regular front /back.

01 – Front view V

The back of this one is grey with a green band, matching the front. , but I somehow forgot to photograph it 🤦🏻‍♀️ But this works to illustrate it, right? Lol

02 – Front view VI

Absolutely obsessed with this front option. It’s so flattering ! I must say though… if things close to your neck makes you uncomfortable, maybe this one isn’t for you.

03 – Back view XVIII

Just as amazing as the XVIII I posted above 😉

04 – Back view XIX

This one is also so perfectly comfortable. I didn’t want to repeat fronts, but I do plan on pairing this one with the front X.

So, all in all I think I did pretty good with the pairings, even if I failed on making 100% matches , I’m thoroughly happy and in love with all of them. 😊




And if you think sewing 20 options of bra patterns is a lot… this is my third time doing it 😂

If you’d like to check the other ones up…

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xxx, Livia

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