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Good Sport

Crazy hair-don’t care because this awesome top makes up for it, right? 😉

The Good Sport by Ellie and Mac is a great sports tank, even for I-should-work-out-but-I-don’t-really kind of people like myself. 😀
It’s comfortable, trendy, sexy and it covers the bum! What’s not to love?

In true Ellie and Mac form, the pattern comes with multiple options and they are all fantastic!

Good Sport Tank Sewing Pattern For Ellie and Mac Line Drawing

  • High or Low Neckline
  • Straight or Curved hem
  • Open or Peekaboo back
  • Optional Hood
  • Optional Kangaroo Pocket

My choices were: High neckline, curved hem, peekaboo back, and hood. Size XL graded to 2XL.
For fabric, I used a heavier weight CL and I love the results.

This fabric has little golden dots and it’s oh-so-cute! My daughter had actually claimed this fabric and was NOT amused when I used it for myself. But hey, Mommas can come first sometimes, right? 😉

I LOVE this peekaboo back! I love the open back as well, but then my lovely rolls would be too much on display… But I’ll definitely be making one to pair with tank tops instead of sports bras.

The pattern is great and aside from the usual grading, I didn’t have to adjust anything.

GOOD SPORTS TANK – Ellie and Mac


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