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Halloween with Pizzazz!

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SED is having another Spooktacular contest and I just had to join the fun again! (in 2020 I participated and got second place with my Scooby-Doo Gang)
This time I paired with my sewsister to come up with something OUTRAGEOUS, TRULY, TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

We are absolutely showing our age and risking not getting recognized by most peeps with this one, but oh boy did we have FUN!! 😀

Jem and the Holograms cartoon is such a gem from the past.
It had everything… glamour and glitter, fashion and fame! 😉

As soon as I suggested the Jem/Pizzazz idea to Jess she jumped right in and the project almost took a life of its own.

The idea of the contest is to use SED patterns to make pieces that we can use on our everyday wardrobe AND to build a costume as well.

Here’s how I interpreted Pizzazz look for the challenge.

As I already have green on my hair, I decided to just go for neon extensions instead of a full wig, bringing a bit of her style to 2022. I also opted for a zebra print in a smaller scale so it would be easier to transition it to daily wear. The addition of lighting bolt earrings and fishnets is purely for the need to be extra. haha
Fishnets automatically make any outfit look cooler, right? ;P

This look is A LOT, but the construction of it is actually pretty simple. The patterns I used are Rosie and Valerie (hacked the fitted option as a skirt). The zebra detail on the top is a removable self-drafted sash.

Do you know what was the most difficult part of this whole thing? The make-up!
That’s definitely not a talent I have and even though it’s not on point, I did my best! haha

Now let me show you how I’ll wear the pieces when not rocking the Pizzazz look!

For the Rosie bodysuit, I used lamee from Driessenstoffen and it’s pretty flashy. It’s great for concerts and outdoor events, but on a daily basis, I’ll be pairing it with either a jacket/cardi or wear it under an off-the-shoulder or any sort of peekaboo top.

I made this Sandy using an open(ish) weave sweater knit and it’s p.e.r.f.e.c.t to pair with it. I love bits of pink shining through.

Valerie’s fitted skirt option is perfection.
It was so easy to make it as a skirt, simply use the back fitted skirt piece!

How cute is it paired with the Sandy?
Funny how the same skirt can be worn with such different outfits!

There’s so much more to show you, but that’s another costume, for another day haha


xxx, Livia

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