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Rebekah – Sonia Estep Designs

Sonia Estep has a very cool event happening for her Promo Team, a Halloween Fashion Show!
She challenged us to use her patterns to create Halloween costume looks that could be converted back to daily wear when the holiday is gone.

I love the idea so much that, even though we don’t celebrate Halloween here, I just had to jump in!

The pattern I chose to work with is Rebekah, a relaxed drop shoulder shirt/dress with a ton of possibilities!

And for the theme, my childhood favorite meddling kids! 😀
I just loved watching Scooby-Doo as a kid (ok, I still do!), so this was my opportunity to be a part of the gang for a little bit. 😉

This was such a fun project!
It was great to lift the spirit and it allowed me to be silly and lighten up a bit. My entire family got involved with giving opinions and suggestions, and with was just a fun time <3

All the sewing involved was pretty easy and simple and just needed a few tweaks to turn great tops into costumes.

Due to my time constraint, I decided to focus on the top part of the costumes but the bottoms would be a simple fix… Brown leggings for Shaggy and Scooby, red circle skirt for Velma, purple fitted skirt for Daphne, and jeans for Fred.

Let’s break down the Rebekahs I made for each member of the Gang:


To make it short sleeve I added 1/2″ hem allowance to where the sleeve would be attatched. Simple as that 😉
This one has the straight hem and it’s just a great tshirt that will get a lot of use.


This is the one I was looking forward to the most!
Not only do I love Velma, but an orange turtle neck is also totally in my wheelhouse, especially if it has bishop sleeves <3


Purple isn’t a color that I usually gravitate to when sewing for myself, but you know what? I’m not mad at it!
I’ll absolutely be wearing this one in the coming colder days. I love the boat neck and am considering chopping the sleeves to 3/4 length because it’s my favorite.

For the headband I chopped the end of an old tshirt that my daughter outgrew and the kerchief is made with the scraps from Shaggy’s shirt.


There’s just something about a crisp white sweater, isn’t there? I love it!
To keep it within the pattern lines I made Fred wear a turtleneck instead of his regular shirt collar. For this, I improvised a dickey. I used another old t-shirt from my kids’ wardrobe and made something a la Howard Holowits from TBBT, but attached at the end to help keep it in place.

I didn’t bother to finish the sides because…. lazyness. 😛

For Fred’s ascot I used the sash pattern pieced, shortened to the desired length.


Scooby got the same sweater as Velma, but then in fleece. Talk about being cozy and toasty! 🙂 For his collar tag I used the cricut to cut some glitter iron on and applied it to some interfaced denim scraps I had lying around.

Et voila!
One pattern, 5 great fall tops, and 5 Halloween costumes that don’t take a lot of effort nor money to pull off! 😉 <3

Come check out the SED Halloween posts at the Sonia Estep Designs FB group, and leave a comment on your favorites for a chance to win a SED of your choice!

Now I’ll leave you with this peach of a TikTok… lol

REBEKAH – Sonia Estep Designs


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