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Take the Chance Tiered Shirt Dress – Pattern Emporium

Kate from Pattern Emporium has done it again!
Another right-on-trend pattern that easily becomes a must-have in the closet.

So what set this tiered dress apart?
The shirt collar and the options between full or partial placket. I also love the easy fit and different sleeve options, making this dress an all-year-rounder. <3

The Take The Chance Shirt Dress has been designed with the relaxed structure of an easy fit shirt

If you feel a bit intimidated by the thought of making a shirt collar and/or button placket, don’t worry!
Pattern Emporium has one of the best tutorials out there, full of tips and tricks to hold your hand throughout the entire process.

Plus, I promise you that this pattern is super easy to sew! 😉

I had some fun with this pattern and am head over heels in love with both pieces I’ve made. Legit obsessed! 😄

I went a little bit outside of the box with fabric choice for this one and regret nothing! 😄

  • Sixe 12
  • Tall bodice
  • Long sleeves
  • Maxi with 3 tall tiers
  • full placket with functioning buttons
  • fabric: IKEA curtain 😬

I’m giddy with how this one turned out! It’s so easy to style and it elevated any outfit I paired it with.

Perfect for pretty much any occasion! I can picture it as a beach cover up and all blinged out for a fancy party 😄

This second one is a hack of sorts.

I say of sorts because it’s too easy and simple to be called a hack. 😄 I simply lengthened the tall bodice by about 6 inches to have a shirt that can be paired with multiple bottoms, my favorite being the Vacation Vibes palazzos.

I love me a good faux jumpsuit!


  • Size 12
  • Tall bodice lengthened
  • Long sleeves
  • fabric: heavy cotton


  • Size 18 with size 12 elastic
  • Subtle legs
  • Foxy pockets
  • 5cm elastic
  • Heavy cotton

I’ll primarily keep this as a set and rock the jumpsuit look, but the shirt is just perfect to pair with all the bottoms and be worn in multiple ways.

I just realized I have a lack of photos with the sleeves straight down.

The reason for that is: 3/4 sleeves are my favorite and I automatically fold or push long sleeves up. This time I forgot to take photos with them down for demonstration purposes. 😬

Why didn’t I just make it that length, you may (rightly) ask. 🤔😄

Well, I like the look and feel of folded and/or pushed up sleeves and when wearing the shirt under a jacket or coat the long sleeve is less likely to bunch up inside.

Something else I realized while writing this post is that I ended up never blogging about the Vacation Vibes. A serious oversight on my part because I absolute adore the pattern!

I have made multiples and wear them all the time!

Let me give you a quick peek on some of my favorites.

You can find more info on each of these on my Facebook posts.

Blue with ankle elastic

Floral with knit band

Blue with polkadots

This next one has a little fun hack and here’s the link to the post with all the deets.

The knit Palazzo Pants and the Vacation Vibes are my top go-tos for bottoms. My favorite style bottoms with a perfect fit every time!

I have another hack in mind for Take the Chance but haven’t had time to start on it yet, so you’ll just have to wait and see 🤪😉



xxx, Livia.

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  1. Hi you look fantastic in all the variations esp the Ikea lace!! As a beginner I’d be interested to know how you finished the seams as of course they’re more visible with the sheer fabric – thanks – love your blog!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much.
      For this one I used the serger as my thread matched the fabric perfectly.
      In any other case, I’d probably choose to do french seams for a cleaner look. 🙂

  2. Leonie Bonner says:

    Livia you are amazing. Love your style and design imagination. The lace (curtain 😂)dress would be beautiful over a straight maxi dress too like the PE Fit and Flare. Im always looking for a good excuse to go to Ikea.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much, Leonie!
      Yes! that’s a great pairing idea <3

      haha I also love a good Ikea trip

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