Let the Adventure begin!

So, this is it! My first blog post.

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for quite a while now, but always felt a bit intimidated and had no idea of where to begin.  Finally one day I decided to just go for it, choose a name, register it, create a WordPress account… and I did it!

That was 6 months ago! I know, I know… but better late than never and all that. I mean, it is acceptable for New Year Resolutions to start in February, right? 😀

Please bear with me while I figure this all out. I’m learning as I go, just like sewing. 😉 I’m the type of person who prefers to learn by doing instead of having the theory completely down first, and usually, that’s ok… it works for me. But with blogging the learning process becomes public and that makes it a little more daunting and possibly embarrassing! lol

Also, there’s the language thing… English isn’t my first language, I’m Brazilian and live in the Netherlands. If I make any mistakes, I apologize in advance! I always try not to butcher the language, but it might happen every now and then.

I guess that’s it for now… I’m off to click on publish and officially become a blog owner (haven’t earned the right to be called blogger yet! 🙂 )


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