Duchess Skirt – Floral

If finally got around to making a Duchess Skirt by DIBY!
I fell in love with it when they released it, but somehow never got around to making one. When I started planning my vacation wardrobe I just knew that the Duchess had to come to Brazil with us! 😀

I love the high/low hem. It makes me feel feminine just like a maxi, but less accident prone (am I the only one that trips over their own skirt??).

The pattern is super straightforward and fast to make.
The fit is great, I went only by waist measurement and did not grade out at the hips. And the best part? It’s FREE! 🙂 If you haven’t yet, make sure to grab a copy.


The fabric I used for this one is a 4-way stretch, very thin, light and flowy. It was really perfect for the hot Brazilian summer!
I got it at the local fabric store for €8,95 p/m.

On these photos, I paired it with the Top of Rebbeca Page’s Paris Party Dress, which is also FREE (for her facebook group members, with a code found in the group).

Rebbeca Page Facebook group
Paris Party Dress


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