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Chorus Top & Dress

Chorus Top and Dress – Love Notions

A while ago, Tami from Love Notions came up with an exciting idea: a community-designed pattern! Members of the LN Facebook pattern support group got to choose all the elements, and it was a blast watching the hive mind bring it to life.

And so Chorus Top and Dress was born!

This pattern features a beautiful, classic silhouette with enough options to let us create different looks to our hearts’ content.

I had this vintage-looking velvety jersey that had been just waiting to become a dress and Chorus was the perfect pattern for it.

I opted for sleeveless, shallow neckline, long skirt and draped back.

In all honesty, this isn’t my normal style, but I absolutely love how it turned out. It makes me feel all sophisticated and poised 🙂

And bonus points for POCKETS!

For my next version, I used a lightweight, fluffy sweater knit, and “obsessed” doesn’t even begin to cover it. I chose the shirt length, shallow neckline, elbow sleeves, and draped back.

The fabric doesn’t have much vertical stretch, which affects the drape. You can see that the neckline drapes less than the previous one. It’s important to remember that fabric choice is key with this pattern. A drapey fabric with good weight and stretch will give you a more dramatic drape.

I feel so elegant in this!
This fabric is a dream to wear so not only is the shirt beautiful, it also feels like wearing a hug. Chef’s Kiss!

And because I can’t help myself, I had to play with the pattern and lowered the back drape for a vavavoom moment. If there’s interest, I can write up a tutorial on how I modified the back piece to achieve this.

To shake things up, I made one with the deep neckline, and I was surprised by how much I liked it. I thought that as the president of the IBTC, the deeper option wouldn’t suit me, but I was wrong. I love it!

Since this version has a very wide neckline (deep front and back), bra keeper tabs are essential to keep it from sliding off my shoulders.

My original plan was to have the back go even lower, but this is the perfect height to achieve drama while still being able to wear a regular bra. However, the dramatic back idea is still alive and kicking in my brain… should I go for it? 🙂

Who am I kidding, of course, I will! When I do, I’ll edit this post to add it. 😉


xxx, Livia.

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