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Juliet for me

Being tall and having a long torso and no boobs, I could never find a bodysuit/leotard/one-piece bathing suit that fit me properly. It’s always either too short, too tight on the hips or too big on the chest and any combination thereof.

I’m ecstatic about Juliet! I can finally wear bodysuits!
It’s comfortable, my top is always nice and in place and no fear of buttcrack showing (real struggle for us with big booties)! I mean… what’s not to love??

This one I combined with a pencil skirt and love the look! I like the idea that it’s work-friendly this way if changed into a pair of shorts or jeans you’re instantly more casual and it will still go with the look! 🙂

For more info and photos you can check my Juliet blog post HERE.

WOMEN’S JULIET – Petite Stitchery & Co


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