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Serenity Dress

If I had to choose one outfit to wear all week, this Serenity Dress would be it!

It’s comfortable and cozy like pj’s, it makes me look good :D, and it has a fantastic open back detail! It’s one of those pieces that depending on what you pair it with, you can go from school drop off to a lunch with the girls!

With leggings or tights and booties, or without and sneakers… Different looks and both fabulous! 😀

The pattern comes with different options:
– top or dress length;
– low or peekaboo back opening;
– regular closed back;
– banded or regular hem;
– hood;
– cowl;
– neckband.

My chosen options were: Dress, banded hem, neckband, and low open back. I made size L and graded up to XXL at the hips.

I’m obsessed with this open back! It’s just the perfect height to display a bra with a cool back and still hide those pesky fat rolls 😛

Curious about the bra I’m wearing? Check out my Unity Bra post HERE!

SERENITY TOP & DRESS – Petite Stitchery


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