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Lenox Top and Dress – Love Notions

Love Notions has a new release and Jess and I joined the party. So you know some twinning action is mandatory! 😀

This time it went a bit different, as we picked the fabric before choosing the inspo. We managed to source very similar fabrics, which was a great starting point! (If my EU peeps are interested, mine is “tricot broderie” from Driessen Stoffen.)

I found a cute inspo photo from Shein and even though Jess and I are not the biggest fans of gathering (and by not the biggest fan of I mean, dislike it with a passion LOL), we decided that it was cute enough to endure it anyways.

We wanted to keep this hack simple and beginner friendly, so we decided to skip the lace waistband and stick true to the pattern as much as possible.

The best (and easiest) course of action for the skirt was to mash it with the Tempo Sundress and add a ruffle on the bottom.

Both super cute and perfect patterns for summer!

I say we managed to merge them pretty well, don’t we look cute? 😀

Ok, so let’s break down the steps we took for these:

  • Lenox bodice with the sweetheart neckline as is;
  • Gathered short sleeve, squared down (cut straight down from armscye), and a tiny bit gathered at the bottom. I added a band and Jess opted for an elastic.
    If you’d like to have the sleeve super poofy like the inspo photo, HERE is a post I wrote for the LN blog on how to achieve it.
  • Tempo skirt cut to the desired length (we went by the Lenox knee length);
  • Added a ruffle to the skirt (ours was 2x width of fabric by 6″).

I also have to say that we had also agreed on adding the tempo pockets to the dress.
One of us followed the plan and the other one… well…

In my defense, the pockets were cut and the intentions were there! But then… they laid there, on the corner of my cutting table amongst the scraps hidden and forgotten.
Now Jess’ dress is cooler than mine, simple as that! lol

Aside from all the gathering, Lenox is a joy to sew and a lot quicker than you’d think. The princess seams are so flattering to the shape and the pattern gives you enough options to achieve many different looks. Fabric will definitely play a big part on this one though, so make sure to keep that in mind when choosing yours. More on that in a bit 😉

So… the way our twinning usually works is if we have a plan or a theme we discuss posing and fun things beforehand. If we don’t have a specific vision for it, the first one to take photos dictates the poses.

This time around Jess was first taking pictures… and since she “loved” all the gathering, she got extra creative with the poses. This is her explanation:

Since she made such an OBNOXIOUS inspo suggestion, I had to respond in like with the most OBNOXIOUS poses inspos in kind. Some are not quite flattering (we gave up on the ones only a ballerina could pull off…) But it’s always a good time!

And she’s not wrong… some are not flattering at all, but they were all most definitely a good time!! <3

Here we have “Darn you and your gathering choices!” and “Worth it because we’re looking cute though”

I have no captions, reasons, or excuses for these next ones… Wanna give it a go and caption them for us? LOL

See what we mean by fun?
Seriously, I wonder how much trouble Jess and I could get into if/when we get together in person. haha

But back to Lenox business!
Remember when I said fabric will play a big part in how your finished garment looks?

I made another Lenox hack to celebrate Star Wars Day, and this time I used a more structured fabric (french terry). The fit is still lovely, but very different from the eyelet knit.

It’s more fitted, less relaxed, and just as comfortable.

Deets for this hack:

  • Crop with the square neckline and short sleeves, as per pattern;
  • cut the knee-length skirt option as per pattern, but instead of attaching it to a bodice I added elastic to the top and created a waistband.

It’s a super simple modification, but so effective.

To add a little flair to the skirt I added a trim to the side seams and love the sporty look it gave it.

Lenox is a great pattern that can be played with and can be built upon. It truly has so many possibilities.
And definitely take a look at the Tempo as well… it’s such a cute dress and perfect for summer!



xxx, Livia

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