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Tidal Top by Love Notions

As a prelude to the weekend, Fridays are, by default, a good day to look forward to. Love Notions gives us another reason for it though: Feature Friday Sale!

This week the featured pattern is the Tidal Top.

This was my first time making a Tidal and I was so surprised with how FAST it is to make one!

I sat down to make one and made 3 all in a row. 😀
It’s Fast, easy and cute, how could I not?

For this first one I choose to make the short sleeve top, using linen for the front panel and sweater knit for the rest.
This is a great pattern to use all those scraps from previous projects!

I love that it doesn’t have a side seam, it makes it extra comfortable to wear.

The pattern is made for knits.
I did use woven for the front panel and it worked out perfect for me, but it’s important to note that I’m a barely B cup. With bigger bust sizes the results might not be the same.

This next one also has a woven front panel:

These were even faster to make!
It’s so cute and perfect for spring/summer. Definitely will need a bunch more, both for me and for Samantha. She complained that I made 3 for me and none for her… Selfish sewing at its best! lol

This one is her favorite, there will be some Mom and Daughter twinning in the near future. 😉 It gives me a fuzzy feeling that at 12 she still wants to match her mom.

My third Tidal is all knit. See, I’m not all rebel! 😛

This one might be my favorite… the fabric is so light, cool and soft, it feels like I’m not wearing anything. Summer, I’m ready for you!

Most of my summer tops are too big now, so it’s a good thing to start re-building the collection. 😉 Meanwhile, these will be perfect for layering under a jacket or blazer.

TIDAL TOP – Love Notions


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