Lively Top

I already wrote about this pattern on the Blog section, but really wanted to give each sew their own little place and spotlight, so I’m keeping this one short and sweet! ?

The blog post can be found HERE.

This is the Top length of the Lively Top & Dress by G+G, with the elastic sleeves. Just like with the dress, I used 2 lining pieces in order to make the bodice.

Fabrics I used were:

  • CL for the bodice, bodice lining, and upper sleeves;
  • Woven (rayon) for the bottom sleeves and skirt.

I love this elastic version of the sleeve! It’s a bit less dramatic but more practical in daily life. I’m not gracious enough to go to a restaurant with the big bell sleeves, for example. lol


LIVELY TOP & DRESS – George+Ginger


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