Mae Poncho Sweater

I love a good poncho, but the Mae Poncho Sweater takes it to a whole new level!

Ponchos are cozy, comfy and just all around great, but for someone with my body shape, not always flattering. The fact that Mae has sleeves and has the option to be belted solves all that! <3

I made mine with a buttery soft sweater knit and it’s a Dream to wear!
The fabric drapes so well that I love it unbelted just as much as with a belt.

It’s the perfect thing to wear when you’re planning on having that big lunch! haha

For the photos, I went with a thinner rtw belt, but there are so many other options! A chunkier belt would also look great, or even a sash! Oooooh an Obi!!! Like I said… oh so many possibilities! 😀

Now… let’s talk about that Cowl! I.freaking.love.it!!!
It not only drapes beautifully, makes the sweater even cozier, but it also dubs as a fantastic hood!

I don’t know why, but a hood like this makes me feel glamorous! haha

If you’re looking for a Fall staple to be cozy in while looking great, I highly recommend this sweater poncho!

DIBY – Mae Poncho Sweater


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