Mix It Up – Circle Skirt

Mix It Up Dress – George+Ginger

Ever since I’ve seen the other testers’ photos I knew I had to make a dress with the Yoke bodices as well.

I’m really in love with this one!
Yet another completely different vibe from the previous 2 dresses.

This one is so pretty and feminine!

The fabric is a very stretchy mystery woven I bought in Brazil. I used CL for the lining and this bodice turned out stable enough to eliminate my need of a bra, which is perfect due to the yoke back.

I’m loving these open back dresses!
At times like this I’m actually happy with my lack of need for support for the girls. lol

But then, when I check out the front yoke bodice… I miss the presence of a nice cleavage!

Oh, well… I guess it’s true that you can’t have if all, huh? 😉

Unless it’s dresses, then you can have it alllllll the dresses out of one single pattern! 😛

Friendly reminder that you can snag this amazing pattern for only $7.50 through Sunday, April 21st. After that it goes full price, $10. Which in my opinion is still an amazing deal for this pattern.

MIX IT UP DRESS – George+Ginger


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