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Olive oversized sweater

Olive Oversized Sweater – Petite Stitchery

A little late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR! <3
Here’s to hoping that 2021 is kinder and healthier for all of us.

I’ve taken a break from sewing and online life in general for the last couple of months and am slowly but surely getting back to the old rhythm that I missed so much. The break wasn’t planned, it just happened organically due to a mix of burnout and my health not being at its best.

But things are getting better for sure and my fingers have been itching to play with fabric again!

What a better way to get back into that sewing saddle than to make a comfy oversized sweater with a pinch of sexy thrown in? 😀

Olive is a fun one to make (and wear!).
I love when a pattern has different elements or different ways to sew them, which is the case with Olive’s band. It’s by no means difficult, just different and fun!

I chose to make the cropped version and super duper love it!

We are in a full lockdown at the moment so I’ve been staying at home as much as possible and that means pretty much all the time.
I fully embraced my quarantine look and life-style now. That means comfy clothes, messy hair, and a ton of food. lol
A sweater that is cozy, comfy, AND cute all the while hiding my extra quarantine lbs? Yes, please!

The fabric I used is from Driessen Stoffen but to be honest I forgot what it’s called. It’s a jersey knit and very soft to wear.

I love a good off the shoulder so choosing the wide shoulder was a no-brainer. How wide the neck will be depends on the stretch percentage and recovery of your fabric.

My next one will be the tunic length for ultimate coziness.
I just need to order more fabric… (on, no! lol)

(trying this slideshow thingy… what you think? Is the gallery, all images visible at once, better?)

Now that I got the machines and the blog dusted off, see y’all soon! <3



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