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Casual Affair – Rad Patterns

Rad Patterns just released their new lingerie pattern, just in time for Valentine’s day and it’s a fun one!

We all know that Stephanie is a drafting wizard so it comes as no surprise when I say that this one is a winner.

The sizing goes from XXS to 6X and each size has 3 cup sizes (small, regular and large). It’s really easy to find your size mix, just a question of measuring and following the instruction on the chart.

The pattern has enough of options to cover all types of Valentine’s day wear, no matter what your plans or style are.

  • Open cup (with or without bow);
  • Closed cups (knit, darted woven, gathered woven – all with or without bow);
  • 2 types of strappy backs;
  • 3 lengths (baby doll, upper thigh and above knee).

You really can make Casual Affair super cozy or ultra sexy (and everything in between). Oh, and yes… the bows unties and opens up like a present! 😉

I chose the cozy route. 😀


My underbust and bust measurements put me exactly on size M with a small cup, my waist is also a size M but my hips fall in the XL measurements. Because the underbust is gathered and the skirt has an A-line shape I decided to not grade for the hips and make a straight size M.

It worked great and I have plenty of room around the hips to move around and be comfy.

It’s a quick sew and a beginner can definitelly tackle it.

The cups aren’t lined and the pattern isn’t really made with support in mind. That being said, it’s super cute and comfortable and perfect for lounge or sexy wear.

BUT…. I fully intend to make a summer dress with this pattern and for that purpose I’ll be lining the cups. 😉

I made the pattern as is.
This is the longest length, made with woven crepe, darted cups and I used FOE for the finishing and straps. Everything is per pattern, including the strap length. It really was perfect from the get-go.

For my second one I had a little more fun with it and let my hacking ways a bit loose 🙂

02 – Knit cup, woven body

The Knit cup is a bit narrower than the woven ones, and as I was planning on making this more of a top than a nightie, I went up a cup size. I made the Regular instead of the Small for a little more coverage to fit better within my comfort zone.

I used a heavy ponte for the cups and woven viscose for the bodice/skirt and opted for the babydoll length. It’s a great summer top or a swimsuit coverup.

The FOE I used for this one is really cute but not really strong.
I really like the straps length on me so to make it more stable and secure I made it halter style with the rest coming straight down the back.

This small mod helped to make me feel a bit more secure, and looks pretty cute as well don’t you think? 😀

I also decided to add a crisscross on the front, mainly for looks, but it does add a little extra stability to the cups as well.

That was it for my Casual Affairs.
Do I have fabric picked out for a bunch more? Sure do!
But I’ll probably wait till the weather gets a bit warmer first… I don’t know, we’ll see. Probably won’t wait that long because these are fun! 😉

CASUAL AFFAIR – Rad Patterns


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  1. Abbey says:

    Both of these are so cute! Love that print on the crepe fabric though 😍 And that FOE is fab! Sucks that it isn’t as sturdy as expected but you certainly made it work 😉

    1. Thank you so much!! <3

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