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Phoenix and Hibiscus

Phoenix Strappy Set and Hibiscus Bodysuit, top and dress – Petite Stitchery & Co

Petite Stitchery just released 2 great summer patterns.
Well, it’s actually one release and one re-release.

The Hibiscus was pulled off the store for a while and received an overhaul and now it’s back better than ever.

The Hibiscus is a gorgeous bodysuit with all the ruffles and flounces!… With no shortage of options, this pattern will be there for you when you just want to feel pretty, sassy, or just plain comfortable.

This pattern makes my off-shoulder loving hear oh so happy!
With all the available options I had a hard time deciding on where to start.

I love the flounce but as the weather here still a bit uncertain of what season it wants to settle on, a jacket or cardi is still needed on most days and I don’t find that a very comfortable mix… flounces and layering.

I had this hardly ever worn rtw dress that I wanted to upcycle and it was perfect for this top length with short sleeves.

I made a size M graded to XL.
The fabric is a lightweight knit so I lined the top part of the bodice so I’d be able to wear it without a bra.

I basically added a shelf bra, but without the elastic band around the torso. My B cup doesn’t really need the support of the elastic, it’s more for the extra coverage.

I never got around to make the originial Hibiscus, so I can’t compare. All I can say is that this version is amazing.

I loved it so much that I immediately made another one, back to back.
This tie I wanted to try the sleeveless one.

I managed to use the last bit I had of this Poly Knit I used for the Traveller Tee I posted a couple of days ago and LOVE how this one turned out!

I also lined this one as the fabric is even flimsier than the precious one. lol
I used ponte for the lining and the band, the poly knit wouldn’t work for the band at all.

This is one of those projects that I think all the elements work with each other perfectly. I love the bold colors and how the print compliments the style of top.

Now… let’s chat about Phoenix!

The Phoenix pattern is a jam-packed strappy pattern!

-Four neckline options: Scoop, High neck, Square neck and Peek a boo
-Many different lengths: Shelf Bra, Crop, Top and Midi

So many ways to make the Phoenix! Mix and match any bodice style for endless looks!

As soon as I laid my eys on the line drawings I knew I just had to make a peekaboo top.

The fun thing about this pattern is that you can mix and match any back and front options.

I love the peekaboo so much that I wanted it on both sides 😉

Fabric used for this one is Ponte and no lining/shelf bra was needed.

Of course I couldn’t stop at only one so, just like with Hibiscus, I made another one back to to back.

This time a crop top with a flounce both on front and back. Omg… how cute is this?

This is also such a great scrap buster. I used the same Scuba from one of my Selfie Shirts for the crop top and a mystery knit from my stash for the flounce.

Between Hibiscus, Phoenix, Finn, and Layne, Petite Stitchery has my cute summer tops needs covered. A post about the latter two is yet to come, but I thought I’d mention them already because… it’s love!

You can check them out here:



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