Time for a Selfie!

Selfie Shirt – George+Ginger

(did you know this was a thing? or is it news to you as it was to me?)

Kristi did it again!
She, once again, knocked it out of the ballpark with another jaw-dropping pattern.

She’s proclaimed 2020 #theyearboobs and is coming out with so many amazing patterns to highlight them! #yesplease

The Selfie shirt features a deep cut neckline and awe inspiring sleeves.

The Selfie Shirt is the ultimate flattering design!  Perfectly balanced with high-volume sleeves and full peplum skirt, it features a slim, fitted waistband that includes multiple options for personal comfort and preference.  Soft pleats and a blousy fit complete the stunning silhouette!  Not to mention, it’s the ideal look for a selfie.


  • Full Waistband – This pullover bodice is overlapped ever so slightly, for a more modest look.  No closure necessary.
  • Hook/Eye Closure – The bodice is split, but secured at the waistband with hook and eye clasps.  This option is a flattering combination of modest and daring.
  • Tie Closure – The bodice is split and tied at the waistband, for the most daring look.  

Before I show you each piece I’ve made, here are some of the technical details.

  • Pattern has elastic on the neckline to keep everything secure within the boudaries of the shirt πŸ˜‰
  • All fabrics I used are stable knits and come from Driessen Stoffen
  • I made a straight size 8
  • Pattern is drafted for a 9″- 10″ side waist. Mine is 10″ so I didn’t add any lenght, even though I’m 5’10”

I think that’s it… I have a few exceptions but I’ll get into them as we go!

As you can see from the photo above, I’ve made 4 versions of the pattern. Two are as per pattern and two are hacks/mashes becuase you know I can’t help myself. πŸ˜›

As per pattern

1 – Tie front

First of all… Can we talk about those sleeves?
I’m OBSESSED with them!

This is the most daring of options.
Depending on how loose of how tight you tie it will affect how open your shirt is.

This options is perfect in case you want to wear the Selfie Shirt as a cardigan or layering piece. It’s sure to take any outifit to the next level!

The fabric I used is called Jersey Lurex Stripes. It’s like a viscose scuba if there’s such a thing… it’s stretchy, stable, has body to it, and has a soft drape at the same time. I love it!

2 – Waistband with faux ties

The waistband option is the most modest one, as it ends on a V with the ends slightly overlapped. You can opt to make it with or without the faux ties.

If adding ties you can choose to tie on the front or the back.

Fabric is Scuba and has more body than the previous one, you can see how the skirt has more pep to it. Something to consider when choosing your fabrics. πŸ˜‰

Also, here’s one of the few exeptions that I talked about. This fabric has 0 vertical stretch and as I’m on the higher range of side waist length, I added 1/2″ to the length of the bodice for this one.


1 – Hook & Eye, High-Low skirt from MIU

The Hook & Eye closure is awesome. Totally worth the hassle of sewing those suckers on! LOL
It’s the middle ground… not as open as the tie front, but a bit more open than the waistband option.

Here you also have the choice to add the faux.

I used the High Low skirt from the Mix It Up dress and loooove the mash!
I shortened the shorter side to have a more drastic slope.

Fabric is ponte. I had been eyeing this print for a while but didn’t know what to make with it… I think it worked perfeclty with this project.

I love the idea of using this one as a sort of jacket.
If you feel uncomfortable going braless, just wear it over a nice top or dress. Problem solved without losing any of the style! <3

Here I layered it over my Star Struck/Road Trip mash and think that peek of black super cute.

2 – Waistband + Fitted Skirt from MIU

Full disclosure: this is my FAVORITE!!

It’s my go to mash piece for G+G patterns, the MIU fitted skirt. It’s just so versatile and easy to transform. I absolutely love it!

I used the waistband option, this time without the faux ties.
Here, just like with the floral one, I added 1/2″ to the bodice length as the fabric (Jacquard Jersey) also has no vertical stretch.

I lengthened the skirt pattern piece to hit me at knee length added a center seam to the back of the skirt because I wasn’t sure if I’d need a split on the hem for ease of movement. The fabric has enough stretch and it wasn’t necessary after all.

I love love love this dress.
Now, someone invite me to a party so I can wear it! lol

Funny story: When I was taking these photos, one of our cats jumped over the fence from our garden to the street. I had to run after it, dressed like this with no shoes on… too funny!
Not really the right outfit to duck to check under cars and chase a feline that seems to turn into liquid when he doesn’t want to be picked up. What a sight! ha!

The good thing is I put the Selfie Shirt to the test and it passed with flying colors, all that chasing and running around, and the neckline stayed put and there were no flashing the neighbors occurrences! Woot!

Bottom line is… I FREAKING LOVE this pattern!
I have so many ideas of what to make with it, it’s not even funny. Does anyone have extra hours they’d like to donate to my day? πŸ˜›

I know this post is already super long, but I can’t make a Selfie Day post without adding some… so here they are! Be warned though, taking selfies is not a skill I’ve mastered… even with the expert advices from my teenager daughter! lol

SELFIE SHIRT – George+Ginger
MIX IT UP DRESS – George+Ginger


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    Absolutely perfection

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    You look stunning! I love all these looks on you

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