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Romy Set

I’ve already praised the Romy Set on my previous post, but I’m bound to do it again on this one because I can’t get over how great it is. 😀

This time I’d like to highlight the simple bolero option (plus a hood hack!).

This set has so many possibilities.
I mean… have you seen the amazing combinations my fellow testers made? The Romy set has enough options and variety to cover all tastes and flatter all body shapes.

The simple bolero has a different shape than the gathered one. It hits at high bust and, when paired with the V-neck tank, creates a diamond peekaboo on the front. So cute!!

I love how it has a total different vibe than the gathered one, specially with the addition of a hood. It immediately becomes more casual and sporty, even when made with the exact same fabric.

same top paired with different boleros

I’ve been pairing one with jeans and sneakers and the other one with leggings and boots.

I definitely will need more of these asap because I’ve literally been living in them for the past week. It’s so cold lately that wearing a hug is much needed, for warmth and for comfort!

Ok, let’s talk about the hood.
Because Kristi is awesome, she made a hood pattern piece to go with it and it will be available for FREE with the sew along that will start on Monday (February 11th). So make sure to join the Sew Along Group, to get the free hood add-on and join in the fun!

I still have one more version/hack to share with you, but that will have to keep for another day! I’m super excited about it though…! 😉

This girl needs some food and caffeine now, so I’m off to refuel and snuggle with my sick baby, he’s coughing his lungs out and feeling miserable… 🙁 *sigh* I’m SO ready for spring…

ROMY SET – George + Ginger


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  1. Prachtig patroon,gelijk besteld
    Echt iets waar je veel kanten mee op kan


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