The Transformation Collection!

The Transformation Collection – George + Ginger

From Fashion Week runways straight into the pattern world! What?!

That I absolutely LOVE sewing GG patterns is no secret and here’s why. Kristi’s creativity has no bounds and I’m a massive fan of her out-of-the-box approach to fashion and pattern designing.

It’s so much fun and refreshing to sew pieces of fashion art!

These designs not only make me feel amazingly glamorous when wearing them, but they also give me a “Sewing is my Super Power” kick! 😀 <3 Like… DANG, I made this!

So, let’s talk about the dresses, and let me show you what I’ve made!

There is one base dress and four different ADD-ON styles, each unique and awe-inspiring in its own way.

The Transform Base Dress is where the Transformation Collection starts!  While a perfect  stand-alone dress for any occasion, step it up with any of the Transform add-ons!

The Add-On 1 to the Transform Dress is a stunner!  Start with a fun cocktail bubble dress and transform to a mermaid style gown!

The Add-On 2 to the Transform Dress is a G+G runway original!  A jaw-dropping faux jacket design that transforms into a ruffled skirt addition!

The Add-On 3 to the Transform Dress is a two-in-one asymmetric design!  A dolman-style ruffle sleeve for look 1…and a double side skirt for look 2!

The Add-On 4 to the Transform Dress is a short and sweet cape that transforms into a dramatic floor-length version!

I’d say that it’s impossible to choose a favorite, but I must confess that #1 has my heart, and did get that title as soon as I laid my eyes on it! 😀

It goes from this fabulously chic mermaid-style gown to the cutest bubble skirt party dress! How fun is that??

So, of course… I made 2! lol


Am I already married and have no need for a wedding dress? Yes!
But did I make one anyways because the idea lived rent-free in my brain ever since I saw this sketch? Also YES!

Obsessed doesn’t even begin to cover it!
I used taffeta and tule for this one and it turned out exactly as I’d pictured it.

Well, in all honesty, budget played a big role in the decisions I made and I couldn’t justify getting the gorgeous bridal fabrics I wanted since I’m not actually getting married. haha
That being said, I absolutely LOVE the end result!

I mean… how perfect is this for a wedding dress?
Long and chic for the ceremony, then ta-da! Fun and flirty for the party!

Here are the deets of how I made it:

  • Taffeta for main and lining of base dress;
  • Circle skirt: I used 4 circle skirts, 1 taffeta with 3 tulle ones on top;
  • Gathered skirt: 1 layer of taffeta and 1 layer of tulle, with the tulle being the most outer one when being worn as a bubble skirt.
    NOTE: that way made my elastic visible. I used white elastic for mine and photographed it as is, but if I was to wear it to a party I’d definitely get a bridal belt to go over it 😉

Onto the next! 😉

This one has a less dramatic “mermaid tail” because of the fabric drape and weight of the fabric (and lack of tulle, of course 😉 ). It’s a bit of a mystery woven, but it’s heavy, drapey, and poly based.

For the bodice lining and the gathered skirt, I used taffeta once again. I loved the combo and the extra flair it gave to the bubble skirt.

The bubble skirt is also less dramatic than the previous one as it has less “bulk” inside it.

It’s such a fun dress!

This one is 100% done as per pattern, with no extra layers.
In case you’re wondering, the dress is super comfortable to walk in when the gathered skirt is flipped down. No restriction of ankles to make you trip over 😉


This is another option that I simply felt compelled to make!
I’m living for the drama this dress provides!!

This one is hands-down the most versatile option.
It’s officially meant to transform from capelet to full cape but there are so many ways to wear it!

For the base dress, I used heavy linen, and for the cape, I went with taffeta. Yes, again! Can you tell I got a buttload of this fabric? LOL

This option has an extra cool factor:
You can remove the cape completely and wear the base dress all on its own.
Picture this: You go to an event, make a dramatic entrance with the revealing of the cape, take all the glamorous shots with it, and then remove it for the partying and dancing 😀

Now someone invite me to said event, please! LOL
One thing I have to mention though… the cape is a labor of love! Not because it’s hard to sew, but it takes forever to sew everything because it’s so long and full 😀

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to sew #2 and #3, they’re so cute!
They’re definitely on my to-sew list though. Not sewing the whole collection feels incomplete to me haha

I do have a denim base dress cut, just waiting for me on my table though… I think that will be so cute and versatile. But as we are amidst the chaos of redecorating the teens’ rooms, I’ve been too exhausted lately to do any sewing. Boo! I’ll add it to this post once it’s done.

Here’s the link party in case you’d like to check out the patterns:
The Transformation Collection – George + Ginger

If you’re only interested in one or two of the Add-ons, you can purchase the base dress and individual add-ons here:




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  1. So many beautiful pieces you’ve made! I really like that green dress, and the contrast of fabrics when it’s in bubble form.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much!!

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