Umbrella Skirt

Umbrella Skirt – George+Ginger

Sometimes I feel like I don’t sew with wovens often enough.
Knits are awesome and super fast to work with, but there’s something about making a woven garment that is super satisfying to me.

When Kristi from G+G announced this woven skirt I jumped at the chance to test it.

The Umbrella skirt has a very cool design, a retro look and many innovative aspects to it.

To start with, it’s composed of wedges which allow you to have fun with different fabrics. FUN!

Another cool aspect of the pattern is that it’s drafted inch by inch. That means that you go by your waist measurement. Mine is 29″, so I chose size 29. It’s that simple!

Also, it’s an YouTube pattern:
You purchase the pattern itself via the website and the instructions are in video format. Love that!

So, let me show you the 2 skirts I’ve made so far.

1 – Viscose Woven, mixed prints

Mixing prints isn’t my forte so this was the perfect opportunity for me to give it a shot and play with it.

I found these fabrics at the local market and fell in love with the colors. I just wasn’t sure if they’d work well together on the skirt, but you won’t know it until you try it, right?

I really love how it turned out and call it a mission accomplished. 😉
The pattern is pretty straightforward and easy to sew. It does have a zipper on the back and if you’re a beginner it might seem scary, but don’t let that stop you! The video tutorial is great!

Bonus points for it being the perfect pair for my Starstruck top! 😉

2 – Red Taffeta

I wanted to see how the skirt would look when using one fabric only and chose to go with this gorgeous taffeta I had in my stash.

The result is the perfect party skirt!
Can’t tell you how much in love I am with this one… hint: it’s A LOT!

The structured fabric gave the skirt an extra oomph and I’m here for it!
I paired it with my Starstruck/Roadtrip mash and now I have an end of the year outfit ready!

And just to be a bit extra I used a rhinestone zipper, because… why not? lol

Kristi also posted a Halloween Hacks video for the Umbrella Skirt and it’s pretty awesome. As we don’t really celebrate Halloween here and Halloween fabrics aren’t as readily available as in the US, I had some digital fun! 😀


UMBRELLA SKIRT – George+Ginger (pattern)
Instructions Video (watch it before purchasing the pattern for a hidden 50% discount code!!)
Halloween Hacks Video (hacks include: Pockets, Faux petticoat and adding horsehair braid)


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