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SeaChange Jumpsuit

SeaChange Jumpsuit/Playsuit – Pattern Emporium

The first Pattern Emporium pattern of 2021 has been released and it’s an amazing one!

The SeaChange is a jumpsuit designed for wovens with a loose and flowy silhouette and, in good PE fashion, comes with multiple options and an amazing set of instructions on how to achieve the perfect fit.

The SeaChange Jumpsuit & Playsuit (Romper) pdf sewing pattern is a pull-on design, flared from underarm to the hem, eliminating the need for a zip. Enjoy its free flowing goodness or add shaping with the ties or sash. Choose the straps that suit you & add pockets if you like.

I’m so in love with this pattern. I really can’t wait for the weather to get warmer so I can just live in these.

Kate does such an amazing job with her pattern instructions and descriptions that I feel all the info you need is in the graphic above. I can add nothing to it, except tell you about the ones I made and what I love about them (spoiler alert: it’s everything! lol).

But before we dive into them, a little bit of info about sizing and adjustments.

On the PE chart, I measure a size 12 for upper and full bust and waist, and 16/18 for the hips, depending on the day. On the pattern instructions, you have a Size&Fit guide to follow in order to achieve the perfect fit for your body.

Because of the oversized nature of the pattern, it says that if the hip/seat is 2 sizes bigger than the upper bust there’s no need to grade, but if the difference is 3 sizes you should multisize.

As my weight and measurements fluctuate, especially during these times, I decided to take the middle road… I multisized between 12 and 14.

I strongly suggest making a muslin to get the fit right before using your good fabrics. The instructions are very helpful and thorough so it’s super easy to tweak the pattern to fit our bodies. They include an amazing troubleshooting chart that is magic!

So. All my jumpsuits are size 12 graded to 14 and I needed a narrow shoulder (strap position) adjustment and an extra 2cm in length.

It’s an easy and fast pattern so making a muslin took no time.
But one thing that is important to note when making a muslin is to use a fabric that behaves similarly to the one you’re planning to use. For example, if you plan on using a viscose or rayon, don’t make a muslin with quilting cotton, as the previous fabrics tend to grow vertically so it will affect the finished product.

Ok, onto the makes! <3

  • Playsuit shorter length
  • Side ties
  • Pockets
  • Shoulders ties
  • Open facing with button and loop
  • Double gauze

How cute is this? Can summer arrive already?

The double gauze is so soft and dreamy to wear… I need to order more so I can make a full-length one with it.

Moving on to the next 😉

  • Jumpsuit 3/4 length short
  • Side ties (used ribbon)
  • Narrow fixed straps with loop (also ribbons)
  • Open facing with hook and eye closure
  • no pockets
  • Crinkle viscose

I feel like this pattern was made for vertical stripes. <3
I only had 2 meters of this fabric and that wasn’t enough to cut the straps and side ties, so I just used some ribbons I had at hand and love how it turned out. It’s also a shortcut to get it done faster, which I also love haha.

I tend to abuse the pockets of my clothes, in an “I don’t know what to do with my hands” kind of way, so when I make things in delicate fabrics like Crepe and Viscose I tend to omit the pockets. Is that silly?

  • Jumpsuit full length
  • Fixed strap with loop
  • Open facing with hook & eye closure
  • No side ties
  • No pockets
  • Crepe

Yeah… I LOVE it!
I decided to leave this without side ties to give me more options to wear. I can use a ribbon as pictured, loose and flowy or with a variety of belts. On wey I want to wear it is with an oversized white button up shirt over it tied around the waist. Wouldn’t that be cute? I just need to make/buy one first ha!

I did sew 3 other ones, but those are hacks (can’t help it!) and I’ll make a separate post for them 🙂



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