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Lounge Dress

Lounge Dress – Pattern Emporium

Pattern Emporium just released their newest pattern and it’s a good one!

The Lounge dress was born from an Unwind hack Kate did, and since everyone wanted one, it became a pattern. Yeah, she’s awesome like that 😉

This pattern has the same sleeve concept from the Unwind, it’s all cut in one piece, and I LOVE that. So fast and easy to make!

Not only is Kate a fit and drafting wizard, she and Mel also have a fantastic sense of humor. This graphic does a great job of illustrating that all the while completely and accurately describing the new pattern:

Lounge Dress Sewing Pattern

There are so many possibilities with this pattern… Even though it’s called a lounge dress it’s definitely not restricted to the recesses of our comfy caves 😉

Just by switching up the fabric types and how we style it, this dress can go pretty much anywhere!

Here are the ones I’ve made:

Heavy Ponte

This is the first one I’ve made and I’ve been wearing it “non-stop”, that means that whenever I have to go out of the house (which due to the second wave, isn’t much) this is what I grab. It’s comfy and warm enough for the actual weather, not to mention cute. 😉

  • size 12 graded to 18
  • pockets
  • shirt-tail hem
  • hood
  • fabric: heavy ponte from Driessen (not available anymore 🙁 )

I didn’t manage to take more photos of it styled, but here’s a selfie of me wearing it out in the wild 😉

As the weather gets colder I’ll just throw a jacket over it and exchange the sneakers for boots 😉

Crepe Scuba

I’m so happy that Kate added a cap sleeve option to the pattern!
It’s adorable and I love her little trick to help hemming it. Genius.

My options for this one were:

  • size 12 graded to 18
  • V-neck
  • Cap sleeves
  • pockets
  • straight hem
  • fabric: Scuba crepe from Driessen

To be honest, I was a bit ambivalent about this one, until I paired it with the obi-style belt. I really LOVE it belted but without the belt, I feel it’s not really me.

The combination of fabric type, print, and options chosen ended up not being my cup of tea… I guess this shows us how big of a roll an accessory can have, huh?

Drapey Ponte

No PE test feels complete unless I use a good animal print at least once! 😛

I originally got this fabric for the Entice Me. It ended up not having enough vertical stretch for it, but was perfect for the Lounge Dress.

  • size 12 graded to 18
  • crew neck
  • 1/2 sleeve cuffed
  • shirt-tail hem
  • pockets
  • Fabric from Megastoffen
  • “hack” – used the scraps to make a small separate cowl <3

Styiling wise this one will be worn thick-but slightlty sheer leggings and some boots and proababy my maxi My Embrace cardi if the weather asks for it. 😉

Now, last but not least:

Fluffy Goodness


As soon as I saw the pattern I knew I needed to make comfy winter house-wear. I can’t really call it a nightie because I’ll pretty much be wearing this anytime I’m in the house, no matter the time of day. Ha!
And, naturally, the teen needed to have one too!

The fun thing about these?
They’re made out of fluffy blankets!
Can you picture the level of comfort here? Can you? Yup, it’s off the charts!

  • size 12 graded to 18
  • funnel neck
  • shirt-tail hem (yes, it’s my favorite haha)
  • long sleeve without cuff
  • fabric: Fluffly blanket from Action (!)

For this one I needed two blankets… the dress itself I managed to get out of one, but for the funnel neck piece I had to cut into a second blanket. Totally worth it! Oh the cozyness!

Snuggly blanket-dress, hot drink and a good book… I’m set! Let winter come! 😉

Samantha is in love with hers as well and has been begging for at least one more so she doesn’t need to go without on laundry day.

  • straight size 12
  • long sleeve without cuff
  • straight hem
  • hood
  • fabric: another fluffy blanket from Action.

Fun thing about hers… it glows in the dark!

How cool is that? 😀

The dress is very flowy and has a lot of easy troughout the body, especially the hip area. If that’s not your style or if you just want to have it a slimmer fit, you could easiy size it down.

I tried the pink one on and it works just as well!

My size is 12 bust/waist and hips 18, this pink dress is a straight size 12. I still have positive ease enough to be comfortable and not constricted in anyway.

Here’s a side by side comparisson:

That’s it from me for today…
In my opnion, everyone could use this dress in their wardrobe! Whether it be for lounging around the house, running errands in comfy and cute clother or just being comfortable and elegant at the office. Not matter what the season, this is a good one!

LOUNGE DRESS – Pattern Emporium


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