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I’ve already told you how much I love the SeaChange in my previous post, so I’ll keep this one short and sweet. 😉

This is such a fun pattern that I just couldn’t help playing with it. Too many ideas, too little time… but I managed to put 2 of them into action, so yay!

1 – KNIT

Does SeaChange work in knit?
Yes, it does. But with modifications.

The pattern is meant for non-stretch fabrics and has a lot of positive ease, so if you use a knit with stretch it will feel even bigger on the body. We need to take that into consideration and adjust accordingly.

Here are the specs of the pattern I started with, the ones I used to make my woven, as per pattern, jumpsuits.

  • Multisize 12 to 14
  • Added 2cm to the length at the adjustment line
  • Narrow shoulder/Strap placement adjustment
  • Open facing

Here’s what I did for a first knit trial:

  • Multisize 12 to 14
  • Narrow shoulder/Strap placement adjustment
  • Closed facing
  • I cut the pattern at the adjustment line and used that as facing:
  • Removed 1cm from the width of the pattern along the entire length as illustrated below. I did that on both front and back pieces.
  • And, finally, I used woven bias tape for the straps to add to the stability. I added 2 straps on each side just because I thought it would be cute. 😉

This was my first result:

I really liked it, but knew I’d have to tweak it a bit more to get it to where I wanted it. So here’s what I did for trial #2:

  • I removed even more from the width, 1 inch instead of 1cm;
  • I also removed the 2cm in length that I needed for the woven version.

That did the trick!

I got a much better fitting knit jumpsuit. It’s still flowy and roomy but it doesn’t feel too big. I absolutely love it!

The woven ones are still better, of course, as the pattern was developed for no stretch but for a little fun alternative, this is awesome!

When making it with knit, especially a 4-way stretch like this one, I’d stick with the playsuit though. You can see how it’s being dragged down where it’s attached to the straps on this 3/4 length.

I did got back to that first one and removed the extra length from it, creating a seam at the waistline. I’m considering making a casing for an elastic but kinda enjoy the loose aspect of it, it’s so amazingly comfortable!

Here’s the before and after removing length:

The busy print helps hide the seam and when wearing it with a belt or ribbon, it gets completely covered.

Super happy with these!

Ok, next hack…


This is a simple one but I must confess that I felt very clever after making it!

The deets:

  • Multisize 12-14
  • Wide straps with loops
  • open facing with hook & eye closure
  • playsuit cut on longer length but with a wider hem
  • pockets
  • no side ties
  • linen

The simple modification I made was to add the strap loops both on the front and on the back, make them shorter (my loop pieces were 5cm long before sewing), and then make separate removable straps. I used velcro on mine, but press on snaps would work as well.

I LOVE this one! Like, A LOT! 😀

This is the ‘basic version’ (my favorite!) with the straps in the same fabric as the romper.

To keep my PE testing tradition I had to add a little animal print somewhere, so I used this cute ribbon for the next one 😀 This ribbon is white on the wrong side, so I added velcro to the belt as well to eliminate the need for a bow.

Next is a cute plaid that because, why not? 😉
I used the side tie pattern piece to make the belt. I just eyeballed the extra length needed as it wouldn’t be attached to the romper.

For this last one, I used denim recycled from an old pair of jeans and paired it with my trusty makeshift pocket belt that I made years ago to hold my phone so I can keep listening to my audiobooks while sewing and moving around the house when wearing pocketless pants. It’s also known for being a source of snacks on occasion… lol

I also paired it with a store-bought obi-style belt and it’s a great match! These are my favorite types of belts and I’ve made a few as well, you can check them out on this post.

How fun is this little hack? So easy to keep making straps and belts!
Simple and effective. What’s not to like? 😉

And that was it for today!
I still have a ton of ideas for this pattern, so hopefully, life will cooperate and I’ll have time to make some more soon!

Till then, I’ll leave you with this fun little video that my 14yo called a “boomer style” lol



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  1. Abbey says:

    These removable straps are such a cute hack idea. And I was waiting to see who would have used a knit

    1. admin says:

      I just can’t help myself, I had to give it a go 😀

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