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Sonia Estepe’s newest release is fire!

Jessica is such a fun pattern, it has plenty of options, from cutie next door to va-va-voom.
It’s two dress options that can also be split into separates to mix and match to our heart’s content.

Jessica is a sophisticated and stylish bodycon dress, skirt, and top sewing pattern that offers the perfect balance of sexy and chic.

View A is the fancier, more sexy version, and View B is the more basic one. Both are great in their own right!
I opted to make View A top paired with the View B skirt.

I’m not gonna lie… this one has me feeling pretty good.
I put it on and was like: Wow, check me out! LOL

It’s an easy sew and depending on what options you choose, it’s lightning-fast to go from fabric to fab!

The wrap neckline fits so well, I love it so much!
I need to clarify that, that little wrinkle on the neckline is absolutely a user error. I added too much tension to the clear elastic and the fabric is too delicate to withstand it.

Talking about fabrics… I used bamboo and mesh for the top and scuba crepe for the skirt.

Another great feature of the pattern is that the back pieces are not on fold, but have a center seam for shaping for an even better bodycon fit.

As I said, Jessica is very versatile and allows us to make multiple different outfits, but you know me… I can’t help myself and my hacking ways. lol

So, here is a sleeveless version of the View A top:

I just folded and stitched the armscye because my fabric (ponte) is stable enough to hold its shape, but there are multiple ways you can choose to finish it:

  • Add a band
  • Binding
  • Facing
  • Add a lining to the back and do the burrito roll method.

I really really love this top as a tank!

I use the scraps I had left from my Pizzazz Cosplay to make the top and it’s perfect to wear with the Valerie skirt hack I made for it.

This skirt can also be easily done but just cutting a straight hemline on the View B skirt. Easy peasy!

Jessica is FREE at the moment with the purchase of any other pattern at Sonia Estep Designs, or for half off. It’s up to you! 😉

JESSICA – Sonia Estep

xxx, Livia

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