Tie Me Up + Traverse Dress

Tie Me Up Belt + Traverse Dress– George+Ginger

Do you have a vision/dream of an outfit that you’ve always wanted to have? Something that you know you’ll feel great in?

This is it for me, right here.
To say that I’m in love with this look is an understatement. This look has all the elements that I love and feel comfortable in.

It’s off-shoulder, loose but with a flattering silhouette, perfect length to be chic but not formal, accentuates the waist and not the hips, and the fabric is heavy enough to hide lumps and bumps. <3

The Traverse Tee has always been one of my favorite G+G patterns. I have a bunch of them in my wardrobe and wear them constantly. I just never share them much because the pattern has been retired for a while and it feels a bit “mean” to share when people wouldn’t be able to get the pattern anymore. 🙂

BUT, it had completely slipped my mind that Kristi has posted an Off-Shoulder Maxi Dress on the Fabric Wholesale Direct’s Blog.. The top part of the pattern is basically the Traverse. Woot!

When the Tie Me Up came along the memory of that dress came to me and I knew it would be the perfect pair for the belt.

I did slightly modify the dress:

  • I eliminated all bands and hemmed the neck and sleeves;
  • Shortened the skirt to knee length.

The fabric I used is a sort of waffle knit, bought it as Jacquard knit here in the Netherlands. It’s a medium weight 2way stretch.

For the belt, I used faux leather and chose the options wide belt with leaf tie.
You can find more info about all the belts I’ve made so far on this post.

I must say that this one is probably my favorite of all 4 so far. I love the balance between the height of the belt and the leaf ties, it’s so pretty! And if you’ve visited the blog before you might have noticed that I’m a bit obsessed with that shade of green… 😉

The patterns for the dress and belt can be found on the links below:

TIE ME UP BELT – George+Ginger
(the pattern for the cute dress I’m wearing on this post comes with it)

TRAVERSE SHIRT – George+Ginger


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