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Tie Me Up Belt – George&Ginger

I’m so excited about this post!
It’s no secret that I’m a big G+G fan, I love Kristi’s style and her patterns always fit me perfectly, but this time around… this time she made my accessorizing dreams come true!

I have always loved Obi-inspired belts.
I think they’re so stylish and take any outfit to a whole new level. They make a big impact and can be styled in so many different ways.

And now I can make my own!!! *insert happy dance party here*

The Tie Me Up includes:

  • 3 wrap-around belts: basic, wide and asymmetric;
  • 3 tie options: thin, thick and leaf;
  • 1 corset style belt
  • Dolman Dress pattern

The Dolman dress is such a great companion to the belt. It’s a basic and cute piece that lets the belt shine and be the star of the show. It would be super simple to customize the look as well, and that’s always fun! Make it an off shoulder, play with the skirt length, make it high/low…

I couldn’t help myself and just had to make all options during testing and had a blast styling each of them. I’ll be posting the different looks individually in the next few days. 😉

Meanwhile, here are my Tie Me Ups paired with the Dolman dress.





All the belts are made of Faux Leather.

This was my first time working with this type of fabric, and it took a while to get the hang of it.

Here’s a few tips that worked for me:

  • make sure you’re using the right needle, in this case, I used leather needles but I heard from fellow testers that depending on your faux leather, stretch needles work better;
  • I used a roller foot. It worked like a charm and the fabric didn’t get stuck at all. The Teflon foot worked too but it made a squicky noise that I couldn’t stand;
  • When sewing multiple layers of faux leather the straight stitch would skip, so I used the stretch stitch and it worked great.

I also want to try this pattern with other types of fabrics, denim, cotton… So many possibilities.

Want to be Tied Up as well? Click the link below for the pattern.

TIE ME UP – George+Ginger


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