Mix It Up: Hi-Lo

Mix It Up Dress – George+Ginger

Another day, another Mix It Up dress! 😀
A totally different vibe from the previous one…I’m thoroughly obsessed with the versatility of this pattern.

Options chosen for this one were:

  • Front Bodice: Leaf;
  • Back Bodice: Full;
  • Sleeveless;
  • Skirt: Hi-Lo (long option).

This one has a couple of mods from the original pattern, nothing drastic though.

I used the Burrito Roll method to finish the armscye instead of adding bands. You can use this method for all the bodice options, except for the Yoke ones.

The other mod I made is that I used woven for the skirt. This is a silk/satin with zero stretch.

I went up one size at the waist for the skirt and it worked out perfectly. But please note that I’m a B-cup, so the lack of stretch wasn’t an issue when pulling it over the bust. If you’re more endowed than I am, this might not be possible.

For a reference, my G+G sizes are 8 for the bust and 6 for the waist. For this one I made an straight size 8.

The bodice is pleather lined with a knit lining.
I really love this look! Pleather+Skulls = <3

Something else to note is that both Hi-Lo options require the use of bottoms. It’s a tunic length. The difference between the short and long options is on the back panel, they’re both the same length in the front.

The more MIU dresses I make, the more I want to make… Someone please, make me stop!

(On second thought, don’t!) 😛

MIX IT UP DRESS – George+Ginger


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