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George+Ginger has some amazing new things coming our way and today is the release of one of them. Kristi is taking the already inclusive GG size chart to a whole new level.

I’m seriously so excited about this!
It may take a little bit to get used to it but once you get the hang of it, it’s amazing.

There’s a more thourough explanationn on the George+Ginger Facebook group, but I’ll try to summarize the changes here:

  • The sizes are now called Ranges.
    To avoid the confusion with RTW sizes, the chart now goes from Ranges 1-36 instead of tween 12 to 5XL.
  • One-inch increments.
    With the new chart, the sizes will have 1″ increments.
    This is where it may get a bit confusing at first, but it really does make a difference when it comes to accurate grading.

    I’ll give you my case as an example. We’ll call them “Old School” and “New Age” charts.

    When making bottoms with the old school chart I had to grade from a waist 8 to hips 20, with the new age chart I grade from Range 9 to Range 18. So, I went from grading between 6 sizes to grading between 9 sizes and that sounds like a lot more grading and a lot more work, but that isn’t so.

    Size 8 on the old school chart covers waist measurements 29.5″-30″ and Range 9 of the new age chart is for a 30″ waist.
    Size 20 on the old school covers hips 47.5″-50″ while Range 18 on the new age chart is for a 48″hip.

    So even though it may seem like the amount of grading increased, it’s actually the opposite.
    Before I was grading for a 29.5″ waist to a 50″hip, now I’m grading for exactly what I need a 30″waist to a 48″hip.

    This by-inch chart makes it for a more accurate fit and more efficient grading. It’s mind-blowing fantastic!
  • Different lengths
    The patterns, from now on, will come in Petite, Regular, and Tall.
    Each on a separate file. I’m so over the moon about this one… No more need to add length to the patterns!
  • Fit Adjustments
    The patterns come now accompanied by a pdf document containing an adjustments guide to help us achieve the perfect fit.

    I printed mine booklet style and keep it handy dandy next to the machines 😉

Ok, now let’s talk about the first pattern to feature this new chart.

the Vista top

This top is just gorgeous!
I can’t get over that neckline detail <3

This fancy looking top is drafted for knits and comes with 3 sleeve options, short, 3/4 and long.
It’s fitted but due to the new sizing method it fits down to the inch (literally lol) and is super comfortable to wear.

So, let’s talk sizes and options.

  • I’m 5’10” with a side waist of 10″
    I used the Tall version, added an extra 1″ to the side waist and removed that extra inch from the bottom of the bodice to keep the length
  • Graded as the following:
    Bust range 10
    Waist range 9
    Hips range 18
  • Made a bicep adjustment to add an extra inch

It may sound like a lot of work, but the adjusment booklet makes an easy job out of it, and it’s absolutely worth it to get the perfect fit.

I used a stable sweater knit to make this long sleeve one and I couldn’t love it more!

The fabric is from a new local fabric shop, the Stoffen Outlet.

This next one is made with CL, also from the Stoffen Outlet. I only had a small piece as it was a lucky find from their coupons table, but I made it work using a coordinating color for the back panel.

This top is drafted to hit at the hips but if you prefer your shirts to be a bit shorter, that’s a very easy adjustment to make. I do love the original lenght, but as I said… only a small piece of fabric, so shorter top it is haha

I love these skulls!
Note to self: Go back to the shop and see if I can score more of it.

This striped one is a cotton jersey and a tiny bit snugger than the other tops because it doesn’t quite have the 50% stretch needed for the pattern. Well, it does… if used correctly. 😀 I turned the fabric 45 degrees so the striped ran vertically.

That being said, it’s still very comfortable and I’ll be wearing it a lot! Even if only at home to feel amazing while trying to get through this lockdown.

And in good proper Livia fashion… a hacked version. haha

For this one I simply ommited the twist and finished the top as per pattern.
How gorgeous is that neckline with the facing?

Fabric is Ponte from Driessen.
In adition to leaving the twist out I also shortened the sleeves to cap length and shortened the bodice length.

I definitely preffer the complete top with the twist on, but this is also a great alternative for a more casual look.

And I also want to share my original fit sew because this was amazing from the get-go and I love my muslin.

Fabric is a tie dye jersey from Driessen that I absolutely love.

That’s it from me today.
You can visit the George+Ginger Facebook group for more detail info on the new changes, and see more amazing tester photos.

And here’s the link if you want grab a copy of this gorgeous pattern:

VISTA TOP – George+Ginger


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