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Starc top and dress – George+Ginger

Hi all!
How’s everyone holding up?

I took a little break from online life and now I’m trying to ease myself back in and catch up on all the things.
A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who reached out to check on me to see if everything was ok. <3 Love you!!!

This break wasn’t something I conciously planned, it just happened organically. I guess the quarantine was getting to me and I needed to take a step back on most of things. Nothing major, just felt…. blergh. Kwim?

Meanwhile I’ve been sewing a bit and playing with the cricut. I find weeding intricate projects so relaxing!

That means I have quite a few things to share with you, but it will take me a while to get my sh*t togeter. 😀

This Starc top has been waiting to be photographed for quite a while, I love it so much but just couldn’t bring myself to stand in front of the camera. I fully embraced the no-bra-messy-hair-pjs-all-day quarantine look and it’s a hard one to let go of! LOL

Starc is one of the few GG patterns I hadn’t sewn yet, so I figure that it being Pattern of the Month it was a great time to finally make one.

I love the straps and back detail!
I’ll be honest and say that when the pattern was released I was completely intimidated by it. I somehow thought that the straps would be super hard to sew and assemble.

Well, it wasn’t! At all!

The fabric is crepe scuba and I used FOE for the straps. If you use a lighterweight fabric I’d suggest interfacing the diamond shape for more stabbility when topstitching.

The only mod I made with this one was to shorten it by a couple of inches and removed the high-low to have it more of an everyday top.

I love the Starc neckline. I find it so flattering and the split straps add an extra charm to it.

A problem when making something and waiting too long to wear/photograph it while in quarantine?

The snacks! lol

The booty got bigger and now I’d need a sway back adjustment. Oh, well… I still love it! 😉

Today is the LAST day to grab this pattern on sale (25% off), so if you’ve been eyeing it for a while or just want some fun summer sewing… hurry! 😛



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